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Fashion Show to Promote Rwandan Culture

Rwanda’s two leading fashion houses signed a Memorandum of Understanding at the beginning of the year that saw them conduct joint fashion shows. The Rwanda Cultural Fashion Show and Kigali Fashion Week now organise and host fashion shows together but each focuses on its own specialty; that is contemporary designs in vogue and promotion of Rwandan culture respectively.

This year’s edition scheduled for Saturday 26 will see 10 designers, among them seven local designers and three international ones showcase their unique designs. The international designers who will feature include Alice Anny Akingabiye of Agency Umuringa from Burundi, Annesophie Achera from Kenya and Ghana’s Uwase Fathia.

The fashion show’s concept of promoting locally made clothing outfits and hair dressing styles to reflect Rwandan culture has motivated many young designers and enabled them stand out, despite the busy industry.
For the second time, 25-year-old Augustin Hakizimana is one of the designers who will showcase his products. He came on board last year, will showcase unique ancient Rwandan clothing designs from 1950 to 1962.

Last year’s show featured a trend of clothing designs from local designers with an aim of promoting Rwandan arts through creativity and Kitenge fabric was showcased by most designers among modern clothes.






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