About Us

iRwanda is a national portal as platform for information sharing and exchange. The portal represents a one-stop-shop for information on Rwanda and as the country’s web interface to the rest of the world.

This portal aims at poverty reduction through ICT by providing opportunities for knowledge sharing and networking among communities to drive the development agenda in a participatory way, basing on local priorities. This is in line with the Vision 2020 and the National Information and Communication Infrastructure (NICI) Plans.

The mission of RDG is to empower Government, Private Sector, Civil Society, Academia and Local communities to bridge the digital divide and contribute to poverty reduction

1. To be the leading national provider of development-related information.

2. To turn the National Portal into the ultimate platform knowledge sharing.

1. The National Portal : Contribute to building a strong and effective web presence for Rwanda by setting up a national online platform for information sharing for both national and international communities.

2. Advisory and Consultancy : The RDG offers advisory and consultancy services to both public and private institutions on how best to apply ICT in their business.