Gisenyi is the capital city of Rubavu district. It’s the fifth largest town in Rwanda and is located in the western province, of the country and borders the north shore of lake kivu at the foot of the virunga mountains which offers visitors attractive mountain scenery and an enjoyable all year round moderate climate.

The city lies 60 km to the west of Musanze and the Volcanoes National Park, and 110kms north of Karongi. It is a 160 km journey to Kigali on good roads. Gisenyi  is divided into a busier upper part of town which is back-dropped by the Virunga volcanoes, and the lower part of town which is quieter, with established architecture, banks, government buildings and hotels fringing the lake shore with its palm lined sandy beaches.

Attractions in the Gisenyi Sector

Rubona hill, a little harbor town, 6 km from the Gienyi town centre attracts those looking for lake transport.

The paradise Malahide an eco lodge bar and restaurant, located on the lake kivu shore, is an excellent place for sundowners or an overnight stay. The site is easily accessible by car from the main Gisenyi – Bralirwa road.

Bralirwa, also known in French as Brasseries et Limonaderies du rwanda. Internationally recognized and the largest brewery and beverage compony in Rwanda. It produces several local beers like primus and Mutzig, as well as internationall brands like Amstel, Guiness and a range of soft drinks.

The dancing pots

Pottery project known as ‘dancing pots’ of the indigenous Batwa tribe was the first certified Fair Trade business in Rwanda. Today, about 33,000 Batwa remain in Rwanda representing 0.4% of the population.

They are particularly renowned for their skills as potters, dancers and musicians.

The Dancing pots project is a unique opportunity for visitors to learn a bout the interact with this community.

Gisenyi Beaches

Some times referred to as the “St. Tropez of Africa” this tropical place complete with palm trees boasts several hotels and community campsites and three sandy beaches around Lake Kivu.

These beaches are good for swimming, boat rides and sun bathing, as well as a variety of water sports or even taking a long stroll along the beach front.

Gisenyi Public Beach isa beautiful place to relax in Gisenyi town. It is a sandy beach lined with palm trees. This beach in the heart of Gisenyi town.

Lake Kivu,  s a contributor to the great lake region and lies with in the Albertine rift Eco – region and the great rift valley. The lake I shared between the DRC and Rwanda. It covers an area of 2,700 sq km and lies 1,460 m above sea level, it’s 89km long, 48 km wide, with an average depth of 220m and maximum of 485m.