Health Information

Rwanda is a landlocked country surrounded by Uganda, Burundi, Tanzania, and Congo. It is a beautiful country filled with incredible tourist destinations, abundant wildlife and different primate species among other attractions. If you are planning a tour in Rwanda, here is some useful health information and tips to help you enjoy a perfect holiday.

Mosquito Repellents:
Mosquitoes can be located in many parts of Rwanda and below are some of the preventive measures on how to avoid mosquito bites and also preventing malaria infections during your tour in Rwanda.

You’re also recommended to come along with some excellent mosquito repellents such as Cutter, remember to check the label, its expiry date and also make sure it contains at least 20% DEET. RID is one of the best repellent from Australia because it works on both tsetse flies and mosquitoes, Remember, you should apply the spray in the evening or at night.

Mosquito Nets: Most of the accommodations in and outside national parks provide mosquito nets, therefore no need of carrying a mosquito net while on the trip. However, you may bring mosquito sprays that may assist in repelling the mosquitoes. In most luxury accommodations, mosquito sprays are always provided and its best to apply them before going for dinner. You may also use Citronella Candle, available in most supermarkets in Rwanda

Anti-malaria Tablets: While on your trip, your advised to carry anti malaria drugs and its better if you see your doctor at home so that he may advise on the best malarial drugs to carry while on your trip. Malarone, Mefloquine or Lariam are some of the anti-malarial drugs however Malarone is very expensive but more effective and Mefloquine is the best to those who may have side effects.

Avoid Using perfumes and Deodorants: One way of avoiding insects/ mosquitoes is by avoiding the use of deodorants, perfumes and after shave products because their smells attract mosquitoes. This will ensure a safe stay and also have an enjoyable adventurous safari.

Consume Less sugar:Mosquitoes prefer people with high sugar content in their blood and they are able to smell the sweat of someone with high sugar content in blood. While on a safari, your advised to take little sugar or foods with little sugar so as to avoid mosquito bites.

Make sure you wear Trousers and Long Sleeved Shirts in the evenings: It is well known that mosquitoes are mostly active in the night so we advise you to put on long sleeved shirts and trousers in the evening and at night along with the application of sprays and insect repellents.

Always Switch off Unnecessary lights: Most insects are attracted by light of which mosquitoes are inclusive, therefore you’re advised to switch off the unnecessary lights rather than staying on and attract more insects.

An estimated number of about 300-500 million malarial cases are registered in the world per year of which it is a serious menace in Rwanda. A few Rwandese residents can afford malarial preventive measures such as sleeping under mosquito nets. It is only the female mosquito (Anopheles mosquito) that sucks blood from humans and therefore transmitting malaria in Humans.

With all this in mind, you will have an adventurous gorilla or wildlife trip of your lifetime. It is everybody’s dream to live a healthy and happy life