Chimpanzee Tracking

Rwanda’s Nyungwe National Park is one of the best places on earth to do chimpanzee tracking. A safari in Rwanda offers this amazing adventure that leads you into the remote tropical rain forests of Africa on search for wild chimpanzees on a trail through which you will discover many other amazing things! Though most renowned for chimpanzees, Nyungwe forests hosts a wide variety of flora and fauna including 12 different primate species.

At present its believed that there are about five hundred individual chimpanzees, man’s closest relatives that live within Nyungwe Forest and the other minor society lives in the Cyamudongo Forest. However it stays faintly feasible that a minor population registered in the early on nineties in the further northwards as well as badly degraded Gishwati forest further remains. Though Rwanda is one most known for gorilla tracking, it is the third best place in Africa to do chimpanzee tracking (according to me)!

The Rwanda Development Board and ORTPN have developed several trails in the forest that you will take during your chimpanzee safari within the Nyungwe. Throughout the rainy period, a troop of chimpanzees regularly gets into Uwinka plus the coloured trail further, and it’s equal to you to choose whether to pay off more to track them. During a hike through the forest you’ll hear them earlier than you see them; from someplace deep in the jungle, an excited hooting, basically a single voice at the start, and then numerous, rising in volume with momentum and pitch to a fanatical united increasing, earlier than stopping unexpectedly or fading away.

Contrary to certain primates, chimps do not live in troops, however in form of extended communities of equal to 100 masses, which stray the jungle in minor socially mobile sub categories that frequently circle around a number of close family groups like brothers or a mother with daughter. Chap chimpanzees commonly spend their whole living within the society into which they were delivered; where as female chimpanzees are likely to move into a near community at some point later on getting adolescence.

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