Things to Do

There are lots of things to do in Rwanda. Sometimes it’s hard to know how exciting some tour activities are until when you taste the difference. Their experiences leave every tourist satisfied carry home heavy luggage of only interesting memories. There natural beauty draw natures close in every angle all through and the most amazing thing is that nothing fades year after year. Memorable experiences are the only return packages for traveler get in every Rwanda safari holiday.

Kigali City Tours

Kigali the most wonderland city. There is only one way to describe the great wonderland city as one of the most organized and a model example for many across the world. Visitors to Rwanda usually take a city tour though the lovely attractions and living history that make them admire the landscape beauty of the land of great views. There are discoveries everywhere you look starting from your Kigali hotel of residence. All city attractions are just a few short steps from each other colored up by impressive views and a hug rich culture. Kigali city is not just Rwanda’s capital but it’s a start point for most Rwanda safaris and even before departure tourists make last minute shopping in this unique city. Top choice Rwanda genocide memorials are in Kigali like Kigali memorial center, museum, state house etc and it doesn’t end there. Other things to see in Kigali include Dr.Richard Kandt, surrounding green lush hills, Gisozi genocide memorial site, artisan shopping center, Juru Park among others. Tourists get the most fantastic view of the city and surrounding hills and country side on the highest point of Kigali city.

Gorilla Tracking

Gorilla tracking in volcanoes national park one of Rwanda’s most famous tour adventures.Gorilla tracking adventure is too unique that its experience has been attracting several visitors since back then. Did you know seeing mountain gorillas is something so magnificent in a state of beautiful forest setting making volcanoes national top as a destination with the most interesting and attracting adventures in Rwanda. Even golden monkeys other park adventures, hiking, forest walks among others still reflect the power of natural magnificence. Its only here that wildlife conservation is fronted in everything and a responsibility for every one including tourists, park rangers, local community and the government. Besides for a long time Rwanda gorilla tracking has always been considered as the prime Rwanda attraction second to none. Just after the trek, I biwacu cultural village offers an insight into the everyday lives of the people of Rwanda enabling tourists to experience both wildlife and culture. The fascinating cultural village has been prepared with lots of cultural aspects dispensed down the ages. Other Rwanda top tour activities include, Chimpanzee tracking in Nyungwe forest & Gishwati Mukura, canopy walk in Nyungwe, wildlife viewing and bird watching in Akagera national park etc.

Volcanic biking

Biking can be well enjoyed in Musanze district on the streets of Ruhengeri town and its surroundings. The town has well maintained roads, handcraft shops and a market where one can easily go shopping on a bike. Ruhengeri town also has good restaurants where you can get a snack and while here, a visit to Musanze lava cave can not be a regrettable idea. You can easily get Rwandan local products that can be good souvenirs that can keep reminding you of the memorable times you had on your visit.

A visit to the Gisenyi beach

Commonly referred to as the new paradise, Gisenyi beach is located on lake kivu and has the most developed resorts in Rwanda. While at the beach, you can involve in activities like sunbathing, diving, beach volleyball, swimming and boat cruising as you are enjoying the beautiful scenery of the area. Lake Kivu attracts a given number of bird species like king fisher, crown cranes which will give you greater chances for learning more about the unique African bird species.

While in Gisenyi, you can also visit the Bwalirwa the only brewery in Rwanda and leading local manufacturer of beers like Mutzig, Guinness and primus.

Chimpanzee tracking and bird watching

Chimpanzee tracking can best be done in Nyungwe forest a home of over 500 primate species in Rwanda. The forest has the Angolan colobus monkey, silver monkey, L’Hoest monkey,golden monkey, red tailed monkey as well as baboons therefore while you are in Rwanda and interested in viewing primates in their natural setting, you are highly invited to track them in Nyungwe forest. The forest is also a home to various African bird species and all those interested in birding can always drop by and enjoy the marvelous creatures.

Canopy walks

The well completed canopy walk way is 50 meters above the ground level of Nyungwe forest and 90 meters long in the southern province of Rwanda. The walk being above the forest will give you a clear personal eye contact with the primates in the forest and an aerial view of the valleys and mountainous relief of the area. Birders will also have a chance to view bird species that inhabit in the upper canopy layers.

Do not hesitate to learn and discover more about Rwanda the land of beauty and amazing astonishing wildlife species.