Getting Around

There is easy transportation in Kigali. From the airport, getting to the city center takes just few minutes drive in taxis or using shuttle services. These taxis can be used to get to the major accommodation facilities or to some tourism destination sites around like the Kigali genocide memorial, craft markets or to the various shopping centers around.

Driving into Rwanda

When you bring your vehicle for a tour in Rwanda you need to buy a Carte d’entrée. It’s not expensive, but police checkpoints often ask to see slip of paper, so don’t lose it. Compulsory vehicle insurance is also available at the border, just after you go through Rwanda customs. You may be approached by an insurance salesman even while you are going through the customs registration for the car, but we preferred to go to one of the official offices set up in that area rather than to deal with a guy on the street. The insurance process is quick and easy. Minimum coverage is for three days, then one week, and so on. The procedure is all called out in English, in case anyone is worried about having to cope in French. Police at checkpoints on Rwandan roads are everywhere and may ask to see if you have a fire extinguisher and triangles.

By Air; Rwanda Air express operates regular thrice weekly flights between Kigali and Cyangugu. There has been talk of privately run helicopter links from Kigali to Akagera and Ruhengeri, but nothing is up and running at the time of writing.

Ruhengeri (Musanze) and Surrounds

Getting there; the main taxi park is on a pitch of open ground at the edge of the compact town centre, a short distance south of the centre market past the Urumuli Hotel. However, the superior express services to Gisenyi and Kigali operated by the likes of Virunga Express, sotra Express and Atraco leave from in front of respective company’s office.

To / From Kigali

Kigali and Ruhengeri are linked by a 96km surface road. It’s in fair condition, though the combination of outrageous bends, the occasional pothole, and some seriously manic local drivers requires caution. Even so, you should cover the distance in 90 minutes.

Self –drive; several travel agencies in Kigali rent saloons and 4x4s, with or without drivers. Rates vary according to whether you’ll be driving outside Kigali, and whether fuel is included. If you rent a self- drive vehicle, be aware that Rwanda follows the continental and American custom of driving on the right side of the road. Check the vehicle over carefully and ask to take it for a test drive. Even if you are not knowledgeable about the working of engines, a few minutes on the road should be sufficient to establish whether it has any seriously disturbing creaks, rattles or other noises. Check the condition of the tyres and that there is at least one spare tyre, better two, both in a condition to be used should the need present itself. Ask to be shown the wheel spanner and jack, check that all parts of the latter are present, and ensure that the license is valid for the duration of your trip. Ask also to be shown filling points for oil, water and petrol and check that all the keys do what are supposed to do.

Car Hire in Rwanda

For those hoping to travel to the remote side of Rwanda it can be cheaper using a hire car from car rental agencies within Rwanda. Most car hire companies have offices in Kigali, the capital of Rwanda and here are some few recommendations;

  • Dial A Car Rwanda
  • Drive Rwanda – A car rental agency offering affordable cars for self drive in Rwanda. From small sedans to sophiscated cars, we offer a good choice for travelers interested in exploring Rwanda on their own.
  • Crystal Car Hire
  • Car Rental Rwanda – Have the widest range of rental cars for hire in Rwanda.
  • Go Self Drive
  • Kigali Car Rentals – Managed by Mzungu Frank, this company offers great deals of Toyota Rav4 and Land cruisers
  • Lets Go Tours Rwanda
  • Rwanda Rent a Car – Budget car rental from Rwanda Rent A Car. We offer hassle-free car hire within Rwanda at the most affordable prices. Our car hire service extends throughout East Africa.
  • Uganda Self Drive

One can also explore the city on foot going for excursions.

For short journeys it is recommended to use moto moto (motorcycles). Moto Moto service is well organized and it is recommended to use cyclists who have uniforms and numbers.

Domestic Air Travel

It is also possible to book charter flights and regional flights in Rwanda for a scenic and faster form of transport to the various national parks you are to travel to on your safari.