Rwanda is one of the most rewarding tourist destinations in Eastern Africa.  Featured here are the most stunning places to visit in Rwanda. We’ve chosen some of our favourite destinations from across the country arranged basing on the region. These hidden gems capture the very essence of Rwanda, from the soaring natural beauty of the Parc Nationale des Volcans (PNV) home to the rare and endangered mountain gorillas to the relaxing beaches of Lake Kivu, and from the cosmopolitan charm of  Kigali City. Whatever you’re looking for we’ll help you to discover the Rwanda destinations that are perfectly suited to you.

Lake Kivu

Rwanda offers the most fantastic beach holidays at Lake Kivu a perfect place for you in 2016 if you are looking for an exclusive beach holiday in the land of amazing views. Truly the lake sun, sand and relaxing weather make you have the best beach holiday in Africa. You need a minimum of one day to explore the beach but the 3 days (2nights) stay will enable you explore the lake in depth at your passé.

If your interest is beyond swimming, boat cruise and relaxation embark on a short drive to Rwanda’s prime National parks –the Volcanoes National Park and Nyungwe Forest. The lovely ride from one town to another can switch your mind from a beach setting to other unique adventures which are yet to come your way. Roads Curves and rolling weaves of hills and mountains from every corner open the country beauty confirming the saying that Rwanda is the only land of thousand hills in Africa. Above all the warm welcome from the Rwanda locals in every village and towns make you feel like a celebrity and even give you more moral for the next day’s adventure.

Volcanoes National Park

A visit to Volcanoes National park should be your first option for further adventure a destination which will give you the most outstanding experience you can never find anywhere else in the world. The second day here normally starts with a few hikes in the forest in search of mountain Gorillas a world desired primate and found in only three countries Uganda, Rwanda and Congo.

You must have a Gorilla permit in order to be part of the life time gorilla trekking tours in Rwanda. Buy it directly from the park office or give the responsibility to your travel planner who is responsible for your tour holiday. The Rwanda gorilla permit costs US$1500 for all seasons unlike in other countries. Ensure that your gorilla permit is booked quite early prior to your trip in order to have a successful trip. Golden Monkey tracking and a visit to Dian Fossey Tombs are other park activities which can’t be missed .

If your gorilla trek ends quite early & have an afternoon free, a community tour awaits for you a mix up activity which connects you to Rwanda locals. However you can also occupy your afternoon with a boat trip to Lake Bulera and have a moment of relaxation on the lake islands or do the fishing.

Nyungwe Forest National Park

Nyungwe forest can be next which is found a little bit distant but the scenic drive lasts between 7-8 hours arriving late in the evening for dinner and overnight at your lodge. Being the land of several primates expect to meet variety including monkeys, Chimpanzees, Bush babies etc .The advantage here is that you can do the primate treks in both morning and afternoon and still have time for other adventures-the Nyungwe canopy walk.

For birders you will   be at the source and it’s your camera and binocular which will fail you.The park experienced guides are always available to help and take you through in everything you wish to do. Discovering unique primates, birds and wildlife   that you have never seen any where   bit in the morning or afternoon is a must at Nyungwe forest. What a wonderful forest in Africa rich in everything attraction and eats and a recommended Rwanda park for every visitor to the country. Accommodation in Rwanda is a by the way because you can’t miss out on anything though you book at a last minute.