Genocide Memorial Sites

In life Death and dying is one of the unusual subjects in conversations because sadness, misery, shading tears   are the main outcome of every conversation about death especially if the talk is between the parties who lost their loved ones. I wish I could change the ends of time this wouldn’t be happening today as believed that death came as a result of sin. A grand death scenario happened in Rwanda in 1994 famously known as the Rwanda Genocide war which claimed lives of thousand in just 100 days resulting into eight sad grounds which are referred to today as the Rwanda Genocide memorial sites. The battle between the Tutsi and Hutu after the death of the Rwanda president -Juvenal Habyarimana in a plain crush outside the country’s capital Kigali on 6th April 1994 is said to be the root cause of this heavy human slaughter. Witness say that in just a few minutes the Hutu rebels had taken over Rwanda’s capital after successfully eliminating the Rwanda leader and started killing everyone Suspected to be Tutsi or those with any connection with the Tutsi people. The slaughter was too heavy for human life that up to present some Rwanda people have fresh memories of the incidence.

Like an evening chat near a warm fire about the day’s coldness and rains of the night during any holiday, the same applies to all Rwanda safari tours. There is really a great need for every guest around the country to visit at least one of the site and get a life changing experience which can stop violence actions against fellow humans.Rwanda as a country has a lot to offer you during your stay but spare some few minutes either in the beginning or at the end of your stay and visit the massive cemetery grounds and remain boxes of brothers and sisters. You don’t need to pay entrance fees to visit these sites all you need is time .The moment inside each genocide is too moving and emotional but visiting 1-3 sites is enough to give you a real picture of a massive massacre. Just leave Kigali Airport and drive directly to the famous Kigali Genocide memorials a place where you will find a massive grave of over 250000 victims and outside the back yard is a list of some of the victims list of names. Videos and photos of the victims killed welcome you in a room and looking at them and remembering that all are gone make you shade tears and even take a grieve .The Video are touching and moving though some brave people find it normal unlike others who feel moved by the cold situation. This is the most convenient Genocide site for people with limited time.

Still in about two hours drive from Kigali is a place to find another rare Genocide site -Murambi commonly known for being the most fearful with fresh remains of the victims. While here you can also visit the Rwanda’s National Museum in Butare since they are located close to each other. History says over 2700 people were slaughtered in a school. Some tourists fear to see the fresh remains of victims in preserved burial rooms and displays of corpses and prefer getting information about the place though brave ones enter the rooms and view the corpses and remains. The site has a massive grave where other victims were buried. If you visit the site with a a safari vehicle it’s advisable to leave your camera ,recording devices in the car since no photography is allowed inside the Genocide memorial all you need is your eyes and book or pen in case you want to write details. Tourists are allowed to visit the genocide daily from 8.00-4.00pm except on public days. Other Rwanda Genocide memorial sites include Ntarama Memorial site-30kilometers from Kigali, Nyanza Memorial Site, Bisesero Memorial site, Nyarubuye Memorial Site, Gisenyi Memorial site, Gisozi Memorial site etc. Get a life changing experience by visiting one of Rwanda Genocide sites any time soon when you around in Africa.’ truly you will never be the same.