Travel Checklist

The above checklist has been incorporating general guidelines for a vacation anywhere in the world but Rwanda has some specific checklist that you have to adhere to in order to have a worthwhile vacation.

Follow these simple recommendations and your holiday will not be ruined because you forgot something important at home!

  • Your Passport must be at least 6 months validity, though more is advised
  • You must have a Yellow fever vaccination card before being allowed entry into this country
  • Credit Cards are not widely used in Rwanda. However, you can carry one or two visa cards with which you can use to withdraw cash from the ATMs and execute whatever you want to
  • Please don’t waste your time carrying Debit Cards to Rwanda as they will never help since its use and know how is very little in Rwanda.
  • Please try to carry some cash on you. Though you can withdraw from the ATMs but they are not evenly distributed in the country especially outside the capital city of Kigali they are almost not there so it’s the cash you have on you that will rescue you.
  • Carry all your accommodation vouchers, if you have booked in advance on your own.
  • Soft copies of all important travel documents in form of photocopies just in case you need them.

Some of the important accessories to include;

  • Backpack with rain cover – don’t put stuff into this that you don’t want to check in or leave at your hostel/guest house
  • Daypack with rain cover – put all valuable stuff in it
  • Money pouch or waist belt to be worn inside clothes
  • Copy of all important documents in backpack. Copies include (bills of all camera gear so that you don’t get questioned at customs, passport, visa, travel insurance)
  • Camera, Lens, Batteries, Charger, Filters, Battery Grip, Memory Cards, Card Reader and Camera Strap
  • Cellphone and Cellphone charger
  • Earphones
  • Laptop and Laptop charger
  • Hair trimmer and charger
  • Travel Adaptor (that can handle multiple country plug points).