Rwanda Mountain Gorilla

Why Go Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda

Rwanda is a small nation which is situated in East Africa. Similar to its neighbor Uganda, Rwanda has no seaport. It’s occasionally alluded to as a place where there is a’ thousand hills’ because of a lot of hills that occupy the country.

This little nation is blessed with a lot of breathtaking natural life which has made it to out-contend numerous other countries. The most known is the uncommon mountain gorillas which has made Rwanda extremely prominent in relation to tourism destinations; countless jet into this little nation to have a look on these amazing primates.

Mountain gorillas are considered as endangered species just found in three nations which are Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Tracking/trekking these gorillas is exceptionally wonderful in all these three nations that possess these creatures since gorillas are habituated to human standards and they can be trekked safely in their natural habitats. In any case, as per confirmations given by trekkers who have the opportunity to track in both nations they give everything to Rwanda as the best gorilla safari destination on the planet. Numerous factors prove this among which incorporate;

Its immediacy favors many would prefer not to go for extend periods of time. From Kigali International Airport to volcanoes national park a protected park for these mountain gorillas is only a drive of around 2-3 hours to kinigi park central station. This implies even a one day Rwanda gorilla trek is possible. One who arranges a one day gorilla safari needs to leave Kigali city ahead of schedule no less than 3 hours before keeping in mind the end goal to land at kinigi park central station in time (7:00am) to get short briefings from the park officials about gorilla trekking furthermore to get you apportioned to the guide.

After gorilla tracking you will go back to Kigali/accommodation or meet your departure flight back home. So if you don’t prefer long drive choose gorilla tracking in Rwanda. So in the event that you don’t favor lengthy drives, pick gorilla tracking in Rwanda. To access Bwindi national park or Mgahinga National Park in Uganda, it needs you to drive for around 7-9 hours which is a lengthy drive for the individuals who don’t favor long excursions.

With regards to ease of gorilla viewing and photography, Rwanda takes it all if compared with the impenetrable forest of bwind national park and the Virunga national park of DRC. Mountain gorillas of Rwanda ordinarily feed on the bamboo trees and short grass which makes viewing and photography clear, so this component has made Rwanda to be positioned as the best gorilla safari destination to most particularly the individuals who don’t want to penetrate the thick forests of montane Bwindi.

Despite the fact that, you ought to note that it’s not a guarantee for easy viewing since they are wild creatures, the one you think simple to see may turn to be difficult and vice versa so you should be well prepared for the activity, tracking time is unpredictable it can go from 1-8 hours in the jungle while searching for them since meeting them depends on where they spent their last night from.

However much Rwanda gorilla permits are the most costly when compared to Uganda (US$700) and DRC (US$400), Rwanda is still the leading destination for luxury travel. A gorilla permit in Rwanda costs US$1500 for every individual for every trek. This has raised a considerable amount of income from travelers who visit the mountain gorillas.

Meeting these giant apes in their natural habitat deep in the forest is a life time moment that comes true. Rwanda is home to almost a third of the remaining population of mountain gorillas that live in the Volcanoes National Park. Everyday there is availability of 92 gorilla permits that travelers can purchase to visit gorillas on the regular schedule. Tourism is highly regulated and every gorilla family is visited by just eight individuals. Watching the mountain gorillas is also limited to only one hour. The one hour you’re permitted to stay with these gorillas can be used to observe, learn and even take photographs of the amazing great apes. For a gorilla safari to Rwanda, book with a reliable and responsible tour operator who is listed on this website.






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