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Souvenirs: Buying Crafts in Rwanda

Are you in search for Rwanda crafts (Art)? Or wanting to learn about Rwanda culture?

There is only one centre for Rwanda crafts and culture in the land of a thousand hills; Rwanda.

This is non other than CAPLAKI CAPLAKI is acronym for COOPERATIVE DES ARTISTES PLASTICIEN DES KIGALI since 1995, the cooperative aims at promoting Rwandan culture that the Genocide almost extorted. Henceforth, CAPLAKI aims at recollecting Rwandan history, traditions, and experiences from darkness. Therefore if you are a visitor looking for souvenirs after your Rwanda safari, CAPLAKI is the answer to your problem.

The richness of Rwandan culture is apparent in the wide range of fine crafts such as pottery, basketry, painting, jewelry, woodcarving, and metalwork. Traditional crafts such as basketry, ceramics, and ironworks also provide another distinctive element of continuity with the past.
As part of its promotional packages, the cooperative develops art skills among Rwandan youth especially dropouts to becoming the best artists. While the youth strive to become best artists making different types of art pieces and postal cards, the cooperative in turn seeks for ready market; both national and international market.
This will improve the youth’s and CAPLAKI‘s economic welfare.

In it marketing efforts, the cooperative is to construct a permanent structure in NYABUGOGO for its art crafts and works . It also plans to establish branches in RWANDA and in the outside WORLD . The Cooperative also seeks make Rwandan culture known globally not for its pitiable background, but as a culture, that accommodates all human nature.
In the region and the world afar, Rwandan culture is compared to non ,for it has unique features such as the dances that are given pride in the country’s cultural repertoire , the hug the smile…………

Apart from being known for their epic songs and dynastic poetry, build Rwandans cherish oral traditions of proverbs, songs and chants.
Be part of Rwanda’s history in making and erecting future opulence; Build Rwanda, Live Rwandan and buy Rwandan, Share the Rwandan experience
Together we can make a Better future,

Cooperative started with 11 members but now has 58 members. Five (5) of its members make up committee Board.

Board of Directors
President and Founder
Mr. Munyaneza Innocent

Mob:+250 08568596

Vice President
Mr. Muhizi Gerald
Mob:+250 08568596

Office +250 504227

Karangwa Epimaque

Mob:+250 03021742






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