Rwanda Honeymoon

Rwanda: A Honey Moon Safari Destination

It’s very important to plan your Honey moon on an African continent particularly Rwanda the land of a ‘’Thousand Hills’’. Rwanda is a magnificent beautiful country that offers a perfect honey moon destination in Africa. The country has favorable year round weather which means it can be visited at any month of the year depending on the traveler’s interest, its adventurous filled with scenic wonders, indeed it’s the right country to visit as you begin your marriage safari journey, it’s a perfect location to relax and enjoy Africa at its best.

Rwanda is a country of Choice for those that are looking for a truly unique off the beaten path experience in the heart of Africa, one of Africa’s most scenic. Spending the honey moon deep in the volcanoes national park forest with the most interesting to see endangered mountain gorilla is a memorable moment in life very difficult to forget, these apes are magnificent to watch in their natural habitat, the one hour you are allowed to stay with these animals is a life time experience one should not love to miss especially when you begin your marriage. Nothing is more adventurous than hiking and tracking chimpanzee and other primates in African Amazon the larges African montane forest (Nyungwe Forest National Park). Sharing the love of gorillas with that of chimps is regarded as a magical experience one should not love to miss on such a life time experience.

Rwanda offers you what is beyond your imagination, it’s one of the smallest countries in the world with no seaport, Lake Kivu offers you Africa inland cost with one of the best lodges beyond your imagination and adventure that gives you long lasting memories, you will enjoy beach activities like swimming, touring to nearby islands among more.

Kigali which is the largest and the capital city of Rwanda is one of the visited incredible Rwanda cleanest safest towns of Africa. Rwanda is known as one of the stable countries and your time here will be without worry of potential safety security problems, so you will be safe during your stay here. Everything in Rwanda superb ranging from the rare mountain gorillas, primates, wildlife, birds to luxury lodging all will meet your needs and beyond.

Depending on your plan, you can also extend your honey moon safari to Uganda where you can continue with wildlife viewing, chimpanzee and gorilla tacking, hiking and also white water rafting on the River Nile. Your safari can begin in Kigali and end in Entebbe -Uganda the pearl of Africa without long drive times and enjoy a True Africa beyond your imagination. Book with us we can design your honey moon safari the way you desire it to be, contact us for more information.






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