Mountain Gorilla Rwanda

Day Trip to Rwanda’s Mountain Gorillas

Rwanda is a very beautiful Africa country with a lot to see and discover but just a day in Rwanda is enough for one to enjoy the best country attractions and adventures. Are you a first time visitor or you got less time? If you’re planning unforgettable Rwanda trip outside the city, a one day Rwanda gorilla safari is that you must not miss in Rwanda especially for saving and limited time travelers.

This trip simplifies life for many travelers with fixed travel schedules and budget because, you experience the most loved wildlife encounter and also maintain your work or travel schedules. Less is spent on this trip and travelers save much on accommodation, transport and the entire holiday than those who go for long Rwanda holidays. The amazing thing is that it converts many from city noise and hassles to the wild and the breathtaking jungle tiled in bamboo trees and green vegetation. The one day Rwanda trip to Volcanoes national park and the finest gorilla tracking destination in Africa fulfills all human imaginations of Africa gorilla safaris as well as offering impressive jungle experience.

The Volcanoes national park location is for history because it qualifies as the nearest mountain gorilla tracking destination for everyone visiting Africa for gorilla tracking holidays. Travelers have breakfast very early before leaving there lodge of residence in Kigali and also enjoy a morning cup of coffee before briefing in company of Rwanda cultural dancers.

After the gorilla trek you can have lunch in any of the gorilla lodge around the park or drive back to Kigali city and have it done in complete comfort and relaxation. No entrance fees are paid and the trip permits one to explore Kigali city as well because the Rwanda gorilla trekking adventures end a little bit early than expected.

Please be aware those Rwanda gorillas permits are on high demand year round so book your gorilla pass as early as possible in order not to be disappointed. However, lucky travelers book last minute Rwanda gorilla tracking tours and still find gorilla permits available though some ones luck can never be yours. The one day trip does not need one to book accommodation at the park on the day for the trek since you will leave immediately.

All you need is only, the valid passport, Rwanda gorilla permit,tracking gears, some little cash that is you want to tip or donate to any local community project around the park.Some times its tricky during the high season so would highly recommend travelers to book their gorilla permits, transport and other essential through a trusted and genuine Rwanda travel agent.

Those with more time in the country can engage in other park tour activities like golden monkey trek, hiking, birding, community visits, Diany Fossey visit, forest walk, hiking, or visit other Rwanda tourist attractions near the gorilla park like Lake Kivu, Nyungwe forest, Akagera national park among others.In Africa its only Rwanda with perfect tour destinations and spots to unwind, rejuvenate and also enjoy the fresh atmosphere.






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