About Us

Umuntu Media is driven by a love for Africa, a love for technology and a passion for local content. With just one registered domain per 10 000 people on a continent with over a billion people, Umuntu is filling a significant gap in Africa.

With a background in media and online publishing, Umuntu’s CEO and founder Johan Nel saw that gap while researching local information for a family holiday in Namibia in 2009. The Umuntu journey started with a very simple mission: to deliver relevant local content on world class platforms across the continent.

In September 2010, with support from the Dutch investment firm, eVentures Africa Fund (eVA Fund), the Umuntu business plan expanded from a single portal for Namibia to multiple portals across Africa.

The winning iPortal formula encapsulates Umuntu’s passion: bringing relevant local content to people who want to know what’s going on in their area, all day, every day. Keeping true to their promise of getting Africa online, Umuntu’s ambitious growth plan will see thirteen local content portals in place by April 2012.

The publisher is also rolling out Mimiboard, a mobile communications platform created in Africa, for Africa, designed to cater for Africa’s local content needs. www.mimiboard.com

Umuntu Media is driven by certain key principles. Always question the norm. Never be boring. And always embrace new technology to directly serve the market that wants it. After all, a publisher that owns a tech platform is the publisher of the future.

About eVentures Africa Fund

eVentures Africa Fund (eVA Fund) is dedicated to mobilize capital and experience in the Netherlands/Europe to invest in small and medium sized African internet and mobile related companies. eVA Fund focuses on development in terms of capital and business development support, i.e. knowledge, experience, access to proven business concepts/applications, and network.