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Things to Consider When Renting a Car in Rwanda

Tips to consider when renting a car in Rwanda. Understand the variables

  • What the car company’s basic insurance covers?

This is the insurance that covers the car renter from being liable to the damages that may happen to the car like broken mirrors and glasses, dents, scratches and also the third party insurance where the vehicle is protected against any social hardship like destroying a property or person along the road.  This kind of insurance is provided by every car rental company in Rwanda.

  • What they charge for Collision damage waiver?

First of all collision damage waiver is insurance or protection offered to the car renter in that incase the car collides with another and gets the damages he/she is less liable. Most of the times, the car renter pays some amount of for collision damage waiver. So one has to ask the car rental company to know how much they charge for that kind of insurance if he/she would like to be covered.

  • The cost of theft insurance

Theft insurance is the type of insurance offered to car renter to limit his liability in case of stealing the rental car in his/her possession. In Rwanda before you commit to a car rental know the cost of theft insurance.

  • The cost of adding another driver

There are few companies or no company in Rwanda that charge for additional driver. An additional driver is normally a colleague or companion the car renter travels with but would also wish to drive the car at some point. So if you land on any car rental company in Rwanda that charges for an additional driver then ask the cost.

  • One-way rental fees (if you’ll be returning the car to a different city)

Sometimes people rent cars for one route without returning to the point where he/she started his/her journey and the car rental agency picks up the car at another point where the traveler has left the car. However, this option comes with a fee and as a car renter you has to know the cost of one way rental.

  • Office locations and hours (consider the most efficient pickup and drop-off points)

When renting a car you have to know the location of the premises and the working hours of the car rental company you have booked with in Rwanda. this gives you the insight the most efficient pick up and drop off points.

  • Whether it’d be cheaper to pick up the car from an office in the city center

This normally works for budget car renter who would like to minimize cost of car rental so they always look for the cheaper point to pick up the rental car from.

  • The cost of changing your drop-off location or time

Most of the car rental companies Rwanda charge their clients who wish to change the location or time of dropping off the rental car so as the car renter ensure you get to know the cost of changing your drop off location or time.

  • The availability and cost of extras you might want, such as automatic transmission, child-safety seats, GPS, or Wi-Fi.

Almost all car rental agencies offer GPS extra child seat and these usually come with a price. It is advisable for a renter to know their availability of the cost of acquiring them.

  • Age restrictions (if you or any co-drivers are under 21)

The minimum age of renting a car in Rwanda is 21 year below that you ineligible to rent a car so ensure you above that age.

  • Cancellation fees, in case your itinerary changes

Car rental companies in Rwanda charge their customers who wish to cancel their reservation of renting a car especially those who have paid some deposit or all the money. There are always percentages of money charged of the number of the days remaining to take up your car rental before cancellation.






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