Travel Guide


First things first: you cannot go anywhere without your documents, so you’d better check you have yours and those of your family before leaving the house. When organizing a trip, be sure to know ahead of the time if you will need a passport, visa or just an identity card, and check if they are still valid and can be accepted in your destination country.

Universal plug adapter

This is one of those things you underestimate when you are in your country, but that is essential when going abroad. How are you going to charge your mobile phone? How are you going to use your blow dryer? There are different plugs and electricity sockets all around the world! Buy a universal plug adapter before leaving for your holiday and you will never have this problem again.


No one wants to feel sick on holiday but you never know what might happen! So better remind yourself to bring some over-the-counter medicine with you during a holiday abroad, such as pain relievers and an anti-diarrheal plus mosquito repellants and don’t forget your medicine, especially if you’re on prescription: of course there are pharmacies everywhere, but the dosage may differ, so play it safe.

Guidebooks and dictionaries

Buy a guidebook and a dictionary before leaving for your holiday abroad. If you are traveling on your own, you might want to know more about the places you are visiting, their history and their background. Also, guidebooks give useful information about hotel, restaurants and things to do. Moreover, dictionaries often have a section with idiomatic expressions in the local language that will help you communicate easily abroad.

Small travel bag

It might be useful to bring a small travel bag with you, one that doesn’t take too much space and that you can easily fit in your backpack or baggage (especially before security check at the airport). There you can put and carry all your travel documents, your passport and visa, your cellphone, guidebooks and wallet so that you have all at hand.