The Magical Achyanthes

From boils to stubborn skin rushes to scabies, the Achyranthes aspera, the magical herbal plant just does the perfect and leaves your skin babyish again.

Most of often skin diseases tend to be outer but sometimes other disease are inside the skin and what is most interestingly is this plant from Amaranthaceae family treats them perfectly.

The plant that is common in tropical areas and in most instances as a weed contains healing components- alkaloid, non-alkaloid and saponin fractions, according to medical doctors in its leaves that   destroys the diseases of the skin

Traditional medicine practitioners have shown that the plant treats scabies, pimples, and stubborn rashes mainly for kids, boils, herpes which makes the plant the efficient herb to addressing skin diseases.

“Apart from other herbal plants that treat skin diseases this (Achyranthes) provides the instant healing that is required and once used diseases like herpes disappear for good,” Hajji Semwanga Kawuma, a traditional herbalist in Mukono, Uganda told this website.

But this magical herbal plant is also important in obstetrics and gynecology, in some places in Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda the plant is used in induction of labor, abortion, and cessation of postpartum bleeding.

“When an expecting woman is not stimulating childbirth, a solution is made and given to her and the induction begins right away,” said Elnestine Ufitimukiza, a herbalist in Bumbogo, Gasabo district, Kigali.

Also the plant can be used to treat symptoms of malaria.


For skins disease that  are outer,  you  get the plant  leaves and dry them and make  flour that  is either mixed  in jelly or add in  little water to make its own gel -like mixture that is applied to  the affected part. Or its leaves are crushed and mixed with water to make syrup that is then taken orally.


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