Apples Good for Depression

These days requires a person to do extra work which leaves the body worn out as Joseph Orayeneza, an expert in traditional medicine says and this causes a lot of problems thus slows down body performance.

Most of the problems such as depression, stress and anxiety have been some of the main challenges of most people which according to experts also lead to other problems and diseases in the human body if not checked.

For anxiety and depression, apples are a good remedy

“At least two out of five people are likely to report cases of depression and anxiety a day which shows the need for attention,” said Orayeneza in an interview with this website on Monday.

Orayeneza says that depression is normally shows the signs of unhappiness and easiness in the general body and anxiety which is normally nervousness which makes the body fatigue in the human body which may make someone sickly.

But although the need for attention leads people to seek medical attention, nutritionists say that the problems could be solved by eating well, having rights foods in the body and most rightly fruits.

Anthony William from medical medium explains that the most important fruit that helps address depression and prevent anxiety are the apples which are widely used as a fruit for love making.

Accordingly, taking apples more often at least every day contributes ingredients that help the person not to fall into depression as well as develop anxiety and stress and thus makes the body stronger.


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