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Souvenirs: Buying Crafts in Rwanda

Rwanda Arts

Are you in search for Rwanda crafts (Art)? Or wanting to learn about Rwanda culture?

There is only one centre for Rwanda crafts and culture in the land of a thousand hills; Rwanda.

This is non other than CAPLAKI CAPLAKI is acronym for COOPERATIVE DES ARTISTES PLASTICIEN DES KIGALI since 1995, the cooperative aims at promoting Rwandan culture that the Genocide almost extorted. Henceforth, CAPLAKI aims at recollecting Rwandan history, traditions, and experiences from darkness. Therefore if you are a visitor looking for souvenirs after your Rwanda safari, CAPLAKI is the answer to your problem.

The richness of Rwandan culture is apparent in the wide range of fine crafts such as pottery, basketry, painting, jewelry, woodcarving, and metalwork. Traditional crafts such as basketry, ceramics, and ironworks also provide another distinctive element of continuity with the past.
As part of its promotional packages, the cooperative develops art skills among Rwandan youth especially dropouts to becoming the best artists. While the youth strive to become best artists making different types of art pieces and postal cards, the cooperative in turn seeks for ready market; both national and international market.
This will improve the youth’s and CAPLAKI‘s economic welfare.

In it marketing efforts, the cooperative is to construct a permanent structure in NYABUGOGO for its art crafts and works . It also plans to establish branches in RWANDA and in the outside WORLD . The Cooperative also seeks make Rwandan culture known globally not for its pitiable background, but as a culture, that accommodates all human nature.
In the region and the world afar, Rwandan culture is compared to non ,for it has unique features such as the dances that are given pride in the country’s cultural repertoire , the hug the smile…………

Apart from being known for their epic songs and dynastic poetry, build Rwandans cherish oral traditions of proverbs, songs and chants.
Be part of Rwanda’s history in making and erecting future opulence; Build Rwanda, Live Rwandan and buy Rwandan, Share the Rwandan experience
Together we can make a Better future,

Cooperative started with 11 members but now has 58 members. Five (5) of its members make up committee Board.

Board of Directors
President and Founder
Mr. Munyaneza Innocent

Mob:+250 08568596

Vice President
Mr. Muhizi Gerald
Mob:+250 08568596

Office +250 504227

Karangwa Epimaque

Mob:+250 03021742

Go Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda’s Volcanoes

Rwanda Volcanoes

Whenever Rwanda is mentioned, many peoples mind rush to the endangered mountain gorilla, its true this small country with the most densely population in the world, is gifted to be among the few countries in the world to house the rare mountain gorillas. not only housing but regarded as the best destination for gorilla tracking. There is no word that can describe mountain gorilla tracking in the world but those who have got a chance to meet these apes in the wild say, ‘’there is no magical experience in the world than an encounter with the rare mountain gorillas’’. Many people in world come to Rwanda specifically to see these endangered apes in the wild for at least 1-2 days while studying their behaviors as well as taking photography for a period of an hour with the animals.

Their only 900 of the remaining mountain gorillas that are left in the wild and a big number live in Uganda, Rwanda and the rest live in Democratic Republic of Congo. Many travelers prefer tracking in Rwanda since the gorillas in the Volcanoes National Park are easy to track as compared to gorillas of Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo, within one hour you can meet one of the gorilla groups and by 1.00pm you are at the lodge for lunch and due the park’s proximity, one can easily track and come back to Kigali or depart within one day. This means that its just 2-3 hours’ drive from Kigali Rwanda’s capital and largest city to volcanoes national park in Ruhengeri Musanze district,

If one is interested in a one day gorilla safari , one has to drive very fist from Kigali(accommodation) to kinigi park headquarters for a briefing from the park wardens before 7:00am about the dos and don’ts while with gorilla and then after follow the ranger guide to the forest to begin the activity. After tracking you drive back to Kigali or at the airport to meet your departure flight back home. This is very difficult in Uganda and DRC due to a long distance involved reaching the park(Bwindi and Mgahinga in Uganda or Virunga national park in DRC).

Rwanda has 12 habituated gorilla families (Habituated means they are used to short visits by humans.) 10 gorilla families are ready for tracking and the two are used for research purpose. In each gorilla family 8 members are only allowed to track meaning that 80 people track gorillas every day. These apes are fabulous fan to watch in their natural habitat meeting eye to eye with the silverback gorilla is a memorable moment in life very difficult to forget. Rwanda gorilla tracking is regarded as the most expensive done activity, but it’s regarded as the most done Rwanda’s tourist activity over 80% of travelers to Rwanda go gorilla tracking this has generated a lot of revenue to the government of Rwanda and hence improves the wellbeing of the people especially those that live near the park. Rwanda gorilla permits costs 750 USD per person per tracking and this fee includes park entry fee and a ranger guide and permits are sold at the Rwanda tourism board Offices (ORTPN) found in Kigali (close to the PNV). For any gorilla tours and permits contact us we shall get back to you swiftly.

How to Get Discounted Rental Cars in Rwanda

Car Rentals in Rwanda

The Car hire service provision may not seem to be a popular means of transport in Rwanda but in recent days , it has been developing not only for frequent travelers or people who have their own vehicle in the garage in most areas in Rwanda and Kigali, but especially for people on holiday to the land of a thousands .

At the airports in Rwanda that include Kigali International airport, GYI airport and Kamambe airport,  you will find a desk of multinational companies,  National or international in the terminal building. But at popular tourist destinations like Nyungwe forest national park, lake Kivu, amazing Nyamata church in Kigali , Ntarama church, Akagera national park. You will also find a choice of local car hire companies with a similar philosophy as the low-cost airlines offering cheap all inclusive car rental prices both in Kigali and in Nyagatale.

Aside from the type of car you would like to rent , An important consideration tom make is the optional insurance coverage, also called CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) that is mostly provided by the majority of car hire companies. This service, which is relatively inexpensive, will cover any damages to the vehicle hired.

Unlike the multinationals most local car hire companies in Rwanda offer a fully inclusive insurance without excess, which means that you do not have financial liability in case of an accident or damage to the rental vehicle. Generally, if insurance is not purchased, the customer may be held financially responsible for any damages that occur with the car during the rental period stated on the rental agreement.

If the insurance does include an excess consider that, while on the road, anything can happen. Insurance coverage is often the only link between a holiday with complete peace of mind or considerable additional expenses in case of damages to the car or an accident.

Normally there is a fee to be paid if a certain amount of kilometres has been exceeded Although rental agreements generally include unlimited mileage, there are still agencies offering rental cars with mileage limits.. But, as said before, in Spain unlimited mileage is usually included in the rental price.

Most of Car rental companies in Rwanda will usually deliver a vehicle that is filled with fuel, although this may vary depending on the location as local car hire stations do sometimes not have a facility close by to fill up the vehicles returned by previous customers. When vehicles are returned to the car hire agency, some expect that you take care of refilling the fuel tank yourself, whilst others may request you to return the car with an empty tank when you sign the rental agreement

Please note that if a client is not able to provide a valid credit card on the driver’s name at the pickup of the vehicle, some car rental companies will refuse to deliver the car to your preferred place in time or never .In order to rent a car in Rwanda especially in Kigali, most companies require the customer to provide a valid credit card in order to confirm the booking. In some cases, the credit card is not actually charged until the rental period expires on the date specified in the rental agreement.

Hire a Rental Car in Rwanda: Enjoy Comfort & Convenience

Rwanda Car Rental Deals

As of today many travelers are shifting towards hiring rental cars in Rwanda for transportation. This is nice to the extent that everybody makes the best traveling means. Wherever you travel either long or short, car rental agencies  are there to offer people the comfort and convenience. Hiring a rental car in Rwanda has become popular as so people love to travel around Rwanda via a rental car or preferably self drive.

Rental cars Rwanda come with incentives and cleanliness as there are food and drink handle, baby seats, air conditioners and mp3 players which enhance traveling especially long distance traveling. In addition to that there are always clean and this makes you travel in a dust free atmosphere.

Rental cars offer a variety of options of cars to travel by. Car rental companies have a fleet of cars that is in luxury mid range and budget cars. So it is upon the traveler to ride in a vehicle of his/her choice. Some of the cars offered by the rental companies are Toyota land cruisers, safari vans, Toyota super customers, Toyota RAV4, Nissan patrol, 4×4 safari land cruiser and Toyota Premio for city tours.

Pick and drop off convenience. The rental cars pick you up or drop you off at your convenient point. These rental cars offer door to door services; there is no need of traveling to the station to queue up in order to embark on the transport carrier. Rental cars can pick you up from either the airport, hotel or home or nay point you might be.

Rental cars do not have fixed timetable of traveling, they can be used at anytime of the day whether day or time and also anytime you feel like traveling they are there to traverse you around Rwanda. They operate 24/7 and they can reach anywhere in Rwanda as long as it is accessible a vehicle.

Car rentals can accommodate all groups of people. For instance a for a family traveling together a rental car is the best traveling optional as it gives privacy and independence the family it may need while traveling. Car rentals normally have facilities that can cater for a family like child seats that can make children comfortable in the course of traveling.

Car rental have experienced chauffeur who drive passenger safe on the road. These drivers know all the routes that can lead to various tourism destinations in Rwanda. the chauffeurs also have good driving skills as they drive defensively in the sense of avoid accidents on the roads. this implies that one is assured of safety while traveling in Rwanda.

Enough room for travelers and the luggage. Car rentals have spacious seats where the traveler have a enough room to stretch their bodies and also relax during long distance travel. In addition the trunks are also big enough as the traveler does not have to compete for space with his/her own luggage and the luggage is always kept safely in the trunk or cargo cabin.

For cases of self drive tours in Rwanda, car rentals provide the traveler with GPS navigator or tourist maps that can always help him/her to identify different routes that lead to different tourism destinations in Rwanda. With those tools, the traveler can reach his final destination without losing his/her bearing.

Hire a rental car and get all the convenience and the comfort, you need on your Rwanda tour.

How to Plan a Perfect Safari to Rwanda

Rwanda Wildlife

Rwanda as an eminent destination in the East African region is not new in the ears of tourists. Rwanda is currently one of the top tourist destinations in the region. This country has built its reputation in the East African region since it put the genocide effects behind them and embarked on the restructuring process especially in the tourism industry. This country has developed a number of tourist attractions which keep on attracting a multitude of tourists. Such attractions include the following;

The Volcanoes National Park in the north-west of the country is the most famous of Rwanda’s three parks and is the place that most people come to on holiday because of its renowned residents, the mountain gorillas. Rwanda’s gorilla trekking is its biggest attraction. Less well-known holiday options are Akagera National Park on its eastern border and Nyungwe Forest National Park in the south.

Akagera is the only park for “traditional” safaris in Rwanda; it offers good wildlife opportunities, although not on the scale of the parks in Kenya or Tanzania. But Akagera’s scenery is beautiful – it could be described as Rwanda’s Lake District – and worth visiting for that alone. In stark contrast, Nyungwe is dense rainforest with interesting hiking trails, bird watching and primate spotting. Rwanda’s national parks are easily accessible by road, so a circuit of all three perhaps including the beautiful shore of Lake Kivu and the capital, Kigali, can make a fascinating and diverse holiday.

Mountain Gorilla Tracking in Rwanda

Tracking mountain gorillas in Rwanda is the ultimate wildlife experience and the reason why most people come here on holiday: sitting within a small family group of gorillas is a ‘must’ for serious wildlife enthusiasts. This is where Dian Fossey first brought the world’s attention to the plight of these majestic primates in the late 1960s, when only around 250 survived. Today their numbers worldwide have increased to some 880, split between Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo; almost half of them live in Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park.

The survival of mountain gorillas is one of Africa’s greatest conservation success stories, and tourism has played its role in this. Rwanda is regarded as probably the best destination for a gorilla tracking safari. Although gorilla tracking permits aren’t cheap, your permitted hour with these great apes promises to be a priceless encounter that will remain with you long after your holiday is over. To learn more about this fabulous experience, see Rwanda gorilla trekking safaris.

Primate holidays in Rwanda

Although mountain gorillas are the stars of the show, there are plenty of other primate tracking opportunities while on holiday in Rwanda. Nyungwe Forest National Park is home to thirteen different primate species, among them chimpanzees and Rwenzori colobus, both of which can be tracked. Indeed, Nyungwe’s colobus monkeys can sometimes be seen in spectacular troops of several hundred, believed to be among the largest numbers worldwide. And in Volcanoes National Park, two groups of endangered golden monkeys have been habituated for visitor tracking. Pretty and playful, they’re a delight to watch.

Classic safari holidays in Rwanda

Rwanda may not seem the obvious choice for a typical safari holiday, but if you’re travelling here anyway, Akagera National Park in the east of the country is worth exploring. Scenically it is one of Africa’s prettiest parks, with rolling hills and deep valleys, savannah plains to the north and lakes and papyrus swamps on its eastern border. It includes the largest protected wetlands in Central Africa and is home to some 8,000 animals and over 480 species of birds that include the rare shoebill, making Akagera an interesting destination for a bird watching holiday.

Safari Holidays in Rwanda

Holidays in Rwanda are possible all year, but the most popular times to travel are in the long dry season from June to September, and the shorter dry season around December to February. If you’re intending to track gorillas, you’ll need to plan your holiday well ahead to secure permits – especially around July to September. Rwanda’s main rainy season is from March to May, with shorter rains in October and November; to find out more see Rwanda’s weather and climate information.

Travelling around Rwanda

Travel in Rwanda is very comfortable on our safaris. The roads are largely good asphalt surfaces with many new roads being constructed to replace dirt roads. It’s not a place to drive yourself; our travellers use one of our private guides and 4WDs – allowing them to control the daily schedule and pace of their Rwanda holiday. It’s a lovely way to see the country, often with beautiful views around every corner.

Although there are some excellent hotels, Rwanda’s facilities can sometimes be basic; service and food can be poor, as many staffs are new to tourism. However, to glimpse the heart of contemporary Africa, for some wonderful wildlife viewing and inspiring, thought-provoking travel, a holiday in Rwanda can be fascinating.

How to Find a Discounted Rwanda Primate Safari

Rwanda Primate Safari

Planning for Rwanda primate Safari holiday can be interesting and challenging at the very Same time , many travelers are looking for primate safari companies to ensure they enjoy the gorilla trekking in Rwanda.  Mountain gorilla trekking  can be done in Rwanda, Uganda and Congo.

Rwanda primate safaris is a local safari company that is offering gorilla tours to Africa for over a decade. Select the reliable safari company to offer you an interesting Rwanda Safari Tour and Find the complete things to guide you on the finding the ultimate safari company.

There is nothing that make ones vacation a success than finding the right company to organize such a safari on his/her behalf. However, every safari company is after profit maximization and you as a tourist is after profit minimization. So there are some factors that can play in your favor to find the cheap company for the task.

1) Always take advantage of Low Seasons

There are seasons when these safari companies are fully booked or have an influx of tourists. So what they normally do is to raise their total safari cost in order to drive away some of them. So always try to travel in low seasons where you will get a very low cost since very few people travel during these times and this force every service provider like hotels, car hirers, meals to lessen their prices thus affecting the total safari cost positively to the tourist.

2) Desist Last Minute Bookings

There is nothing as bad as last minute inquiries. This is very bad and leads to over pricing as the safari company. So it is always better to book your safari company in advance. This will help you to consult several companies and take your time to select the one with the cheapest and lowest rate. In this case you will get a good deal at a very cheap rate.

3) Always make use of the travel forums

It is always better to go somewhere after getting some information from those people that have gone there before. These people will always have first-hand information and share it with you and this can really help you. Such information caters for all areas of travel from car hiring companies, cheap accommodations, competent safari companies and estimation of safari total cost. So all this can be achieved through such travel forums like trip advisor, lonely planet, Brandt, thorn tree, Fodor

 4) Compare prices across multiple companies

Gone are those days when one safari company could operate throughout the country. So Rwandan currently boasts of several safari companies from which you can have a wide range of them to select from. Each one has its own quotation it can avail to you for scrutiny which means that a particular company might not be the cheapest one at all times. It is best if you search across many and make a decision from an informed point of view.

5) Book everything with one company

There is a tendency of travelers booking everything separately. This is very bad and always desists from it as it ends up making you pay heavily for everything. When you happen to book everything with several companies, you are always highly priced yet when you book with one company; you are liable for a discount since you have booked a lot of services from them thus getting a cheap deal from that company.

6) Plan in advance

Finally, the most traditional and the most accurate way to find those cheapest companies to serve you is to plan in advance. This way you might get subsidized rates especially for booking. If you are one of those who can plan 3 to 6 months into the future, then you can get some fantastic fares. But, the key is to plan well in advance, which is always very difficult.

Hope the above information will guide you on finding the ultimate gorilla tour company that will reward you experience in Rwanda, Uganda and Congo with the chance of viewing the mountain gorillas, Eastern Lowland gorillas and other primates like golden monkey.

Day Trip to Rwanda’s Mountain Gorillas

Gorilla Trekking in Volcanoes National Park

Rwanda is a very beautiful Africa country with a lot to see and discover but just a day in Rwanda is enough for one to enjoy the best country attractions and adventures. Are you a first time visitor or you got less time? If you’re planning unforgettable Rwanda trip outside the city, a one day Rwanda gorilla safari is that you must not miss in Rwanda especially for saving and limited time travelers.

This trip simplifies life for many travelers with fixed travel schedules and budget because, you experience the most loved wildlife encounter and also maintain your work or travel schedules. Less is spent on this trip and travelers save much on accommodation, transport and the entire holiday than those who go for long Rwanda holidays. The amazing thing is that it converts many from city noise and hassles to the wild and the breathtaking jungle tiled in bamboo trees and green vegetation. The one day Rwanda trip to Volcanoes national park and the finest gorilla tracking destination in Africa fulfills all human imaginations of Africa gorilla safaris as well as offering impressive jungle experience.

Volcanoes national park location is for history because it qualifies as the nearest mountain gorilla tracking destination for everyone visiting Africa for gorilla tracking holidays. Travelers have breakfast very early before leaving there lodge of residence in Kigali and also enjoy a morning cup of coffee before briefing in company of Rwanda cultural dancers.

After the gorilla trek you can have lunch in any of the gorilla lodge around the park or drive back to Kigali city and have it done in complete comfort and relaxation. No entrance fees are paid and the trip permits one to explore Kigali city as well because the Rwanda gorilla trekking adventures end a little bit early than expected.

Please be aware those Rwanda gorillas permits are on high demand year round so book your gorilla pass as early as possible in order not to be disappointed. However, lucky travelers book last minute Rwanda gorilla tracking tours and still find gorilla permits available though some ones luck can never be yours. The one day trip does not need one to book accommodation at the park on the day for the trek since you will leave immediately.

All you need is only, the valid passport, Rwanda gorilla permit,tracking gears, some little cash that is you want to tip or donate to any local community project around the park.Some times its tricky during the high season so would highly recommend travelers to book their gorilla permits, transport and other essential through a trusted and genuine Rwanda travel agent.

Those with more time in the country can engage in other park tour activities like golden monkey trek, hiking, birding, community visits, Diany Fossey visit, forest walk, hiking, or visit other Rwanda tourist attractions near the gorilla park like Lake Kivu, Nyungwe forest, Akagera national park among others.In Africa its only Rwanda with perfect tour destinations and spots to unwind, rejuvenate and also enjoy the fresh atmosphere.

Top 5 Gorilla Trekking Tours in Rwanda

Rwanda Gorilla

Rwanda is one of the smallest countries in Africa but it cannot be under looked where it comes to tourism. Rwanda has lots of interesting things to see from wildlife, people and culture, physical features like the lakes, rivers, valleys and the mountains, the architecture and other tourism ancillary services. The latter have made Rwanda one of the most popular tourism destinations in Africa.

Due to the high influx of tourists coming to Rwanda, there are tours organized for discovering the beauties of the country. The most known tours are the Kigali city cultural tours, wildlife tours, primate tours and gorilla tours. Fortunately enough these tours are as affordable as Rwanda has cheap accommodation but of quality, the transportation fare is also relatively low and the cuisines in Rwanda are very affordable and delicious. There are no worries of spending much money while on a tour in Rwanda.

Here are some of the tours that are undertaken by the visitors in details:

1. Kigali Tours

The Kigali city cultural tour which normally involves visiting the cultural, traditional and historical places in Kigali city like the presidential palace, Kigali genocide memorial site which commemorates the plight of the civil in 1994, the parliament, Nyamata spiritual church the most powerful spiritual centre in Rwanda, the Kimironko market place which is the largest market in Rwanda where very many cultural and traditional commodities are found.

2. Game Viewing Tours

There are wildlife tours in Rwanda which leads to Akagera national park in the Gatsibo. The park has 8000 large animals. The common animals you can see while at a wildlife safari are impala, topi, eland, oribi, Masai giraffe, Defassa waterbuck, reedbuck, bushbuck, sable, roan antelope ,Burchall’s zebra hippo and crocodile. The lion has been introduced and they are planning on bringing the rhino to the park to make a place for the big five mammals that is a park with the lion, elephants, leopard, buffalo and rhino. People interested in common wildlife come to this park to encounter these big mammals in their natural setting.

3. Chimpanzee Tracking Tours

There also the primates tours that take to Nyungwe national park. This park’s large forests make it the ideal place for the primates to inhabit that is the chimpanzees, the grey cheeked mangabey, vevet monkeys, and black and white colobus. These animals are very exciting animals to watch the chimpanzees in particular. Chimpanzees are intelligent animals that make them one of the closest cousins of man. At Nyungwe, there is also a canopy walk where tourists walk on elevated trails about 50metres having an Ariel view of the park.

4. Gorilla Tours

Rwanda offers the best gorilla tours in Africa. There are several gorilla trekking expeditions offered by several tour operators in Rwanda. Mountain gorilla tracking in the Volcanoes National Park in Northern Rwanda has put this less known country on the world tourism map. Mountain gorillas are also primates but these are more than primates as when watching them, the trackers have a very good view and interaction of them as they are ground animals and very peaceful. These are animals are found in the Virunga ranges in the northeastern part of Rwanda at volcanoes national park. Many people who have watched these elusive animals have got testimonies to tell to the friends and relatives back home. At the basement of the park where the gorillas are found, there are the golden monkeys which are rare species of monkeys.

With the above tours one cannot fail to enjoy exploring Rwanda. These tours can also be combined to make a full package of Rwanda experience.

Adventure to See Gorillas & Wildlife in Rwanda

Rwanda Gorilla

Two years ago I travelled to Rwanda and I had a great stay while there. Rwanda is an unknown country to most of the people but it turns out to be one of the most exciting countries in Africa. And whenever you think of Rwanda obviously what runs into your minds is the mountain gorilla trekking activities.

While in the land of a thousand hills, I prepared for the awesome memorable experience and went gorilla trekking adventure in the wild areas of volcanoes national park and my time with the gorilla was terrific, full of joy and anxiety. Watching the mighty gorillas in their habitat with the dominant silver back leading the family with mothers feeding the young ones as the juveniles kept swing in trees and playing to each other always kept my nervous system active that I would not spoil any second blinking not to miss out whatever the group was doing that time.

This was as adventurous as I hiked through the forested bamboos ranges with other trackers for more than 4 hours till we reached the mighty gorillas deep in the misted ranges, we were give 1 full hour to relate with the gorillas as we also kept enjoying and feeling the sounds of nature with numerous bird spices making beautiful Eco sounds

We had a great time with these huge primates as we watched them relate amongst themselves and other wild life in the jungle. I thought these gorillas were savages but to my surprise I got to know that they are peaceful animals that feed on tree shoots, stems, and fruits and they are also shy animals when you get so close to they get scared and move away. I also took incredible photos of the gorillas.

While at volcanoes national park, I also went to the Diana Fossey tombs and her research centre. This lady was a primatologist who fought hard to keep these gorillas alive in the 1940s that were being killed by the people trying to settle in their habitats. She made these gorillas her own family and they were inseparable. We looked at the materials she used and also some of her findings about the gorillas. All in all I had a great with gorillas in Rwanda that has forced me to go back for a wildlife safari in Rwanda.

While in Rwanda, my driver guide advised me to also take a wildlife safari. He told me it will make me enjoy Rwanda to the fullest after the summation of a gorilla and wildlife safari. When I went back home I embarked on saving for my wildlife safari in Rwanda.

Now it’s time for my next trip in Rwanda to Akagera National Park the home of the big wildlife. All I know about Akagera National Park through documentaries and articles it is the home of the big mammals like the elephants, zebras, antelopes, elands and the big bird species for bird lovers. It has a behind scenes activity of knowing the formation and the efforts made to conserve and preserve the animals in the park. I was told that it has two lakes within where I can do a boat ride and spot fishing.

The newly re-introduced king of the jungle in Akagera puts me on pressure to go wildlife and gaming, these lions where reintroduced back from South Africa’s Kruger national park following the extinction of the lions from Rwanda in the early (0’s, This was due to continuous poaching and pressure of human settlement on the reserved game land this too was followed by the 1994 genocide massacre that resulted into lots of human losses and destruction of numerous country properties, however after the Rwanda government plans and negotiations with the South African park the lions can now be tracked and seen in Akagera national park and its good news that as of current there are even newly born cabs adding to the pride.

I cannot wait for the game drive around to meet my favorite animals the black and white striped zebras. Just looking at how these animals’ skin color and texture was designed make me fall in love with nature. I cannot also wait to grab myself a big fish in the waters of Africa.

The excitement is too high in that I wish the date set for my wildlife safari to Rwanda would be extended.

Rwanda Taps Asian Tourism Market

Rwanda Tourism

Rwanda’s foreign tourism growth shows that Rwanda is one of the most visited African countries by Asian tourists and fourteen thousand tourists visited Rwanda in 2015 a high population increase in just one year compared to four hundred tourists in 2014 according to Hindustan Times newspaper of India. The newspaper indicated that Rwanda was listed among the new countries that Indians are exploring each day for gorilla tracking tours and honeymoon holidays. Having an excellent travel conducive climate, favorable government travel policies and affordable tours contribute a lot to the momentous growth experience in Rwanda travel and tourism industry.

Besides the Rwanda Visa legislation is too flexible to most foreign nationals worldwide with an option of obtaining a tourist visa upon arrival at only $30. Also the launch of a single tourist visa for visitors to Uganda and Kenya which started in January 2014 attracts many tourists looking at a great wonderful Africa tour experience across the region. For those tourists who apply online, it’s easy because confirmation is received within 72 hours.

The conservation of mountain gorillas and other Rwanda attractions still draw many travelers to the country that comes to see and track gorillas in the wild. Famously known as the home for mountain gorillas, Rwanda offers exclusive gorilla tracking tours to travelers as its main tourist attraction in the region. Well planned annual gorilla naming events celebrated every year increase the conservation effort as well as boosting the tourism industry   of the country. Kwita Izina gorilla naming ceremony presents the new generation of baby gorillas to the world and also ensures safety and contact monitoring of the gorillas being new members in the family of habituated gorilla families for tourists viewing daily. The habituated apes contribute a lot to the countries revenue thanks to Dian Fossey an American primatologist who worked tiresomely to conserve the endangered mountain gorillas which are now the main reason for 90% of both business and leisure travels to Rwanda. The rewarding mountain hikes and unique recorded bird species in different country corners make Rwanda settle for the best travel destination in Africa.

Kigali city the eye for all Rwanda international hotel chains offers fantastic hospitality services to all Rwanda travelers on short and long tours making them love Rwanda even more. The country capital has not only hotels but also part of the countries attractions, the genocide memorials, the main shopping centers and markets, bars& clubs, spas, art centers and gallery, cultural performance centers etc. Tourists like staying in sister hotels or chain hotels in every corner of the world because wish to have excellent same services of standard during tour holidays.

Examples of chain hotels in Kigali include Hilton, Sheraton, Marriot, Kempinski, Serena and many others are expected to emerge in other corners of the country soon. All travelers to Rwanda sleep comfortably at different hotels of their choice and budget leaving them to only discover the beautiful country up to the final day. Rwanda has other well facilitated lodges located next to different attractions especially the national parks which also cater for all travelers like Virunga lodge, Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge, Mountain Gorilla View Lodge, Nyungwe Forest Lodge, Nyungwe hotel, Muhabura Guest House, Kinigi Guest House, etc. However, there is much more to do and explore in Rwanda which one can’t miss out while in Africa.