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Best Time to Go Gorilla Trekking


Wondering about the best time to go for the gorilla trekking expedition? Many travelers will ask you this question. The good answer is that you can go anytime given that most destinations are found in the tropics and the climate conditions are favorable all year round. To others, they need more specific months for the best safari experience given the different known seasons.

When is the best time to go on a gorilla safari in Uganda and Rwanda? Which months should one try to avoid, which months are the best for gorilla trekking? These are some of the common questions that this section will labor to put to rest.

While trekking mountain gorillas can be done any time of the year in either countries where (mountain gorillas are found i.e Rwanda and Uganda), because of the relatively wetter/ rainy seasons in the mountain gorilla inhabited national parks, many tourists often prefer the months from June to September and then December, January and February.

In Rwanda, the first rains start coming in late February through March, April and May and so many tourists try to avoid these months for fear of getting muddy and all wet while tracking the gorillas deep in the forest. However, during these months, because of the rains there’s plenty of gorilla food down slope and it’s much colder on the upper slopes. So the mountain gorillas keep on the lower slopes where they find it warmer and get food easily. So if you track the gorillas during these months, most likely your trek won’t be a long one – many trackers find the gorillas after 2 hours hike and by 2PM they are back.

The same applies to Uganda although the rains there come in March, April and May. Of course this makes it rather harder to trek the steep terrains. Even then, the rain only comes for like 1-2 hours in like every 2-3 days and the sun comes out. We have noticed that even in the so-called drier months, the rain will often come in though this time it is not so heavy.

This seasonality of gorilla trackers can also be attributed to the weather seasons in the visitors’ home country and the nature of their jobs. When it is summer for example in Europe, numbers of gorilla trek visitors increase and the gorilla trackers numbers decrease when it’s winter.

However, there are other gorilla trekkers who often take advantage of the seasonal discounts on mountain gorilla tracking permits. For instance in Uganda, gorilla trekking permits in those rainy months(April-May and October-November). Several accommodation and lodging facilities in mountain gorilla inhabited areas will also make discounts on their rates during these same months.

Whatsoever the case and explanation may be, experience shows that mountain gorilla trekking can be done any time of the year and you will most likely get the same experience.

Why Go Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda

Rwanda Gorillas

Rwanda is a small nation which is situated in East Africa. Similar to its neighbor Uganda, Rwanda has no seaport. It’s occasionally alluded to as a place where there is a” thousand hills” because of a lot of hills that occupy the country.

This little nation is blessed with a lot of breathtaking natural life which has made it to out-contend numerous other countries. The most known is the uncommon mountain gorillas which has made Rwanda extremely prominent in relation to tourism destinations; countless jet into this little nation to have a look on these amazing primates.

Mountain gorillas are considered as endangered species just found in three nations which are Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Tracking/trekking these gorillas is exceptionally wonderful in all these three nations that possess these creatures since gorillas are habituated to human standards and they can be trekked safely in their natural habitats. In any case, as per confirmations given by trekkers who have the opportunity to track in both nations they give everything to Rwanda as the best gorilla safari destination on the planet. Numerous factors prove this among which incorporate;

Its immediacy favors many would prefer not to go for extend periods of time. From Kigali International Airport to volcanoes national park a protected park for these mountain gorillas is only a drive of around 2-3 hours to kinigi park central station. This implies even a one day Rwanda gorilla trek is possible. One who arranges a one day gorilla safari needs to leave Kigali city ahead of schedule no less than 3 hours before keeping in mind the end goal to land at kinigi park central station in time (7:00am) to get short briefings from the park officials about gorilla trekking furthermore to get you apportioned to the guide.

After gorilla tracking you will go back to Kigali/accommodation or meet your departure flight back home. So if you don’t prefer long drive choose gorilla tracking in Rwanda. So in the event that you don’t favor lengthy drives, pick gorilla tracking in Rwanda. To access Bwindi national park or Mgahinga National Park in Uganda, it needs you to drive for around 7-9 hours which is a lengthy drive for the individuals who don’t favor long excursions.

With regards to ease of gorilla viewing and photography, Rwanda takes it all if compared with the impenetrable forest of bwind national park and the Virunga national park of DRC. Mountain gorillas of Rwanda ordinarily feed on the bamboo trees and short grass which makes viewing and photography clear, so this component has made Rwanda to be positioned as the best gorilla safari destination to most particularly the individuals who don’t want to penetrate the thick forests of montane Bwindi.

Despite the fact that, you ought to note that it’s not a guarantee for easy viewing since they are wild creatures, the one you think simple to see may turn to be difficult and vice versa so you should be well prepared for the activity, tracking time is unpredictable it can go from 1-8 hours in the jungle while searching for them since meeting them depends on where they spent their last night from.

However much Rwanda gorilla permits are the most costly when compared to Uganda (US$700) and DRC (US$400), Rwanda is still the leading destination for luxury travel. A gorilla permit in Rwanda costs US$1500 for every individual for every trek. This has raised a considerable amount of income from travelers who visit the mountain gorillas.

Meeting these giant apes in their natural habitat deep in the forest is a life time moment that comes true. Rwanda is home to almost a third of the remaining population of mountain gorillas that live in the Volcanoes National Park. Everyday there is availability of 92 gorilla permits that travelers can purchase to visit gorillas on the regular schedule. Tourism is highly regulated and every gorilla family is visited by just eight individuals. Watching the mountain gorillas is also limited to only one hour. The one hour you’re permitted to stay with these gorillas can be used to observe, learn and even take photographs of the amazing great apes. For a gorilla safari to Rwanda, book with a reliable and responsible tour operator who is listed on this website.

Facts About Rwanda’s Mountain Gorillas

Rwanda Gorilla

There is no adventurous experience in the world that out compete a magical encounter with the endangered mountain gorillas. In the whole world, the remaining mountain gorillas live in three countries that are Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo. There are thoughts that about 1060 mountain gorillas are left in the world and Rwanda is known as the leading mountain gorilla tracking safari destination in the world.

The first European to encounter an endangered ape was called Oscar Von Beringe; he decided that something must be done to conserve the population of these splendid creatures that suffered for a longtime due to human activities like poaching, deforestation, and illnesses, and in 1925 he convinced the Belgian government to create Africa’s first protected area, Albert National park which is now volcanoes national park. The 1st scientific study of mountain gorillas in the Virunga volcanoes then undertaken by George Schaller in 1959.

However his work was sustained by Dian Fossey from 1967 to 1985. She became a prominent primatologist and a researcher who studied and habituated these giant apes to human standards for a period of over 18 years. However, she was later killed in December 1985 in her line of duty by the said poachers whom she had made unpopular especially in Volcanoes National Park of Rwanda.

Mountain gorillas are the largest of the great apes family with an adult male silverback which age from 12 and above weighing up to 470 pounds and reach six feet. They are the second close relative of man after chimpanzees, bonobos and orangutans and they share almost 97% of human genes.

Mountain gorillas are dissimilar from monkeys for a variety of reasons: they are larger than monkeys, they can walk upright for a longer period of time, don’t have tails and have more developed brains. They are distributed in four groups, the western lowland gorillas; these normally live in Cameroon, the Republic of Congo, eastern DRC, Equatorial Guinea, Nigeria, Gabon and the Central African Republic.

The Eastern lowland gorillas mainly live in the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Uganda and Rwanda. Mountain gorillas can only be found in three countries that’s Uganda, Rwanda and DRC. In Uganda these apes are found in two parks that’s Bwindi Forest National Park and Mgahinga national park. In Rwanda, these giants live in volcanoes and in Democratic Republic of Congo they live in Virunga national park.  The Cross River gorillas live in Cameroon, Gabon. The mountain gorillas are distinguished from lowlands relatives by their broader chest, longer hair, and a wider jaw. They also tend to be a bit larger than other gorillas.  Mountain gorillas are the only habituated gorilla family in the world and they can be seen safely in their natural habitat without any harm caused to tourists.

Mountain gorillas look to be shy, but when in danger, they can be hostile. They beat their chests and let out angry grunts and roars. The male silverback group leaders charge in case of any danger ready to protect the group against any threat. Mothers always fight to death to protect their young ones.  Rwanda mountain gorillas live in a group of 6-30 and over 10 habituated Rwanda gorilla families are recorded for tracking and each group is led by a male silverback. Other members in a group include several younger males, adults, juvenile females, and infants.

Mountain Gorilla Facts

Gestation period; Females always give birth at about 10 years and will have more descendants every 3 or 4 years and it produces a single young one. Twin cases are so rare in gorillas. A male gorilla begins to breed between 12 and 15 years, when he is in charge of his own group..

Diet; Gorillas are mainly vegetarians; they eat leaves, buds, shoots, tuber, stalks, fruits and ferns and sometimes aunts. These plants seem to provide sufficient moisture so that gorillas do not need water; they spend most of their day foraging for food

Life span: They live to up to 50 years while in the wild where as in captivity they may live less than 35 years.

Threats: Gorillas are threatened by human activities such as poaching for the bush meat and medicine; diseases like Ebola also kill many gorillas, wild animals like lion, leopards attack and kill them especially babes. They are also affected by climate changes especially those that live highlands like mountains.

There are 10 gorilla groups in Rwanda; these include the Susa, group 13, kwitonda, Amahoro, karisimbi, Sabyinyo, Agashya, Omubano,Hirwa among othersA maximum of 8 people are allowed to trek each gorilla family which means that a maximum of eighty people can track the primates in volcanoes national park per day. Rwanda gorilla permits costs usd$750 per person per tracking including park entry fee and a ranger guide.

10 Interesting Facts About Rwanda

RWanda Terraced Hills

Like its counterpart Uganda, Rwanda is also a landlocked country and has no seaport, it neighbors countries like Democratic Republic of Congo in the West, Tanzania to the East, Uganda to the north, , and Burundi in the south. Rwanda occupy an area of about 26,338 sq km (10,169sqmiles), with a total population of about 13 million (UN estimates 2013 and it’s Africa’s most densely populated country. Rwanda is divided by great peaks of up to 3,000m (9,842ft) which run across the county from north to south. Rwanda is a very beautiful county with a moderate climate. The people of Rwanda majorly speak Kinyarwanda, French, English, and Kiswahili

Fact 1

Rwanda’s capital and its largest city is Kigali located within the heart of Rwanda, just about 7kms from Kanombe international airport. it’s a very attractive small city with a fantastic variety of flowering trees and plants from various points on the edge, there are outstanding views over the intensively cultivated and terraced countryside. The capital Kigali is a center to very many tourist attractions like the genocide memorial center, national museum, cultural sites, international business, market center. It’s really very difficult to come on a safari to Rwanda without going for a Kigali city tour. Rwanda’s national currency is the Rwandan franc (Rwf.)

Fact 2

Rwanda obtained its independence on July, 1, 1962 from Belgium, It has a presidential system of government and Paul Kagame is currently the president of Rwanda

Fact 3

The climate of Rwanda is made up of two wet seasons and two dry seasons, the short wet season lasts from October to November, and the main rainy season lasting from mid-march to the end of May. The dry season last from December to mid-march and from June to end of August. Rwanda has deep valleys and steep mountains and sometimes Rwanda is referred to as a country of ‘’a thousand hills’’

Fact 4

Rwanda is known as one of the three countries in the whole world that houses the few remaining endangered mountain gorillas, about 900 mountain gorillas that are left in the world. Rwanda hosts about 400 individuals and its known as the leading mountain gorilla safari destination in the world.  Many visitors whole over the world come to this small African country to spend at least 1-2 hours with these endangered apes in their natural habitat. Gorilla tracking in Rwanda is regarded as the most done tourist activity done on earth, over 80% of travelers to Rwanda go gorilla tracking. Gorilla tracking is done in the volcanoes national park in Ruhengeri Musanze district 2-3 hours from the capital Kigali.

Fact 5

Rwanda’s dreadful genocide which took place in 1994 has not been forgotten; over 1 million people were killed within 90 days. The memorial museum in Kigali is a “must-see”. This terrible war took place between two ethnic groups that live in Rwanda, the Hutus and the Tutsis and this happened after the murder of the Presidents of Burundi (Cyprien Ntaryamira) and Rwanda (Juvénal Habyarimana) in a plane crash caused by a rocket attack On 6 April 1994. The killings started immediately since the Hutu thought that the Tutsi where accountable for the tragic. The killings where herd in each and every town of Rwanda, people used pang, stick, stone and guns to kill each other. As a way of remembering the incidence, memorial sites were built, and there about 7 memorial genocide sites with in Rwanda these include Murambi Genocide Memorial Site, Gisozi Memorial site, Gisenyi, Bisesero, Nyamata, Ntarama Memorial sites. This day is celebrated every year. Many visitors can’t leave Rwanda without visiting one of these memorial sites; it’s a heartfelt to hear testimonies from the survivors of this horrific war about how they survived these marauding killers. You will see remains of the deceased like rosary, pocket money, swords, cloths among others still laid on the ground

Fact 6

Roman Catholics dominate other religions in Rwanda, Half the people are Roman Catholics while 26% are Protestants, 11% are Adventists and 4.6% are Muslims.

Fact 7

Nyungwe Forest National Park is the only park not only in Rwanda but also in world hosting over 13 species of primates. Nyungwe forest national park has a huge montane forest and it’s located in the south western part of Rwanda just about 5-7 hours’ drive from Kigali Rwanda’s capital and largest city. For primate lovers the park is a home to the close relative of man the chimps which shares almost a half of the 98% of human genes, chimp tracking is the most done tourist activity at the park.  Other primates include baboons, black and white colobus monkey, silver monkeys, civet monkeys, red tailed monkey to mention but a few. It is also a home to over 300 species of birds. It’s also a home to mammal species which include civets, leopards, several cats, and other animals.

Fact 8

Akagera National Park is the only protected Rwanda national park where game drives are done to meet the big five species. Wildlife species expected to see includes elephants, hippos, lion, buffaloes, crocodiles, warthog, and antelopes among others.

Fact 9

Rwanda’s natural resources are gold, cassiterite (tin ore), wolframite, (tungsten ore) methane, hydropower and arable land. The industries include cement, agricultural products, soap, small-scale beverages, furniture, plastic goods, textiles, shoes and cigarettes, all these generates the country a lot of revenue that in turn used to improve people’s standards of living.

Fact 10

Rwanda highest point is Volcan Karisimbi 4,519 m and its lowest point: Rusizi River 950 m and Kagera River is the Longest River in Rwanda. Lake Kivu is Rwanda’s freshest water body and the sixth largest lake in Africa, Very good for relaxing and many activities can be carried out at the lake like swimming, beach volleyball, exploring the lake on the boat to the nearby island.

Your safari to Rwanda will be a memorable one as you are privileged to view all these Rwanda facts but interesting attraction, for more information about Rwanda and things to do, contact us we will get back to you swiftly.

10 Amazing Places to Explore in Rwanda

Akagera National Park

The land of a thousand hills is more than mountain gorillas and the golden monkeys. There is more to this country than meets the eye, and the beauty of this country only awaits you to visit. There is a lot of wildlife to explore from the only Savannah National Park, several interesting attractions within the Afro-montane forests, the pristine sandy beaches of Lake Kivu, outstanding cultures and traditions, the serene Kigali City (one of the most organized and cleanest Cities in Africa), the mouth-watering foods, the tasty coffee and tea and the hospitality of the people all await you to uncover. Remarkable Rwanda cannot wait to indulge you in the most phenomenal attractions and destinations other than the iconic mountain gorillas that draw thousands of tourists to the country. The following are the attractions/places that you must not miss to visit when you go on a safari to Rwanda, one of the most beautiful country;

Akagera National Park

Akagera National park is the only Savannah National Park within the borders of this country. A visit to this national park will introduce you to the Big Five animals (Lions introduced in 2014, leopards, elephants, Buffaloes and Rhinos introduced in 2017). Other wildlife species to look out for in Akagera national park include Giraffes, Hippos, Crocodiles, and Antelopes such as Topis, bushbucks and waterbucks and bird species such as the stunning shoebill storks. It is not only the wildlife and bird species that will fascinate you but also the spectacular scenery of the landscape of the National Park. Some of the activities to participate in within this Park include game drives, camping, boat rides, nature walks and birding among others, and the most cozy accommodation facilities within this Park include the Ruzizi Tented Lodge. With such

Nyungwe Forest National park

Nyungwe Forest national Park is also an important destination worth visiting within the Land of a thousand hills because it is a Primate lover’s paradise. At 1000 square kilometers, Nyungwe Forest National Park is the largest Afro-montane rainforest in Africa and has over 130 kilometers of nature walk/hiking trails and is a home to over 13 primate species with the stars of the show being the Chimpanzees. Other primate species that call Nyungwe Forest National park home include the Red-tailed monkeys, black and white colobus monkeys, Grey-cheeked mangabey and the L’Hoest’s monkeys among others. This Forest National park is also known for several forest bird species, tree and flower species, orchids and butterfly species among others. Did you know that this Forest national park is the only place in East Africa where you can enjoy the “Canopy walk?”With the attractions and activities within Nyungwe National park, it is very clear that Rwanda is beautiful beyond the renowned Mountain gorillas.

The spectacular Lake Kivu

This Lake is found in the Rwanda-Democratic Republic of Congo border and is one of the most spectacular Lakes in the country. This Lake is best known for boat rides, relaxing and fishing. The Beaches around the Lake shores of Kivu are worth visiting after as long day in gorilla trekking, chimpanzee tracking or game drives.

The sacred genocide Sites

The 1994 Rwandan genocide is of them most painful things in Rwanda which saw over 800,000 Tutsi killed. There are several sites put to respect the memory of the ones who died during the genocide. Some of these sites include the Gisozi Genocide Memorial site, the Bisesero Memorial site, Nyamata memorial site, Gisenyi memorial site, Murambi genocide memorial site, Nyarubuye memorial site, Nyanza memorial site and Ntarama memorial site among others.

The Serene Kigali City of Rwanda is worth visiting for a city tour and the friendly people of Rwanda describe the nature of Rwandans (being hospitable and friendly).

In conclusion, Rwanda the Land of a thousand hills is blessed beyond the Mountain Gorillas and Golden Monkeys because you will explore the Savannah National Park-Akagera National Park, Nyungwe Forest National Park, the serene Kigali City, the breathtaking Lake Kivu, Rwanda’s rich cultures and traditions, the sacred Genocide Sites and the friendly People of the country among other interesting attractions within the country.

Enjoy an Authentic Cultural Experience in Rwanda

Ibyiwacu Cultural Experience

Gorilla tracking in Volcanoes national park is one of the outstanding adventures in Rwanda though the country is also rich in history, culture and traditions and when it comes to wildlife Rwanda is packed with other wildlife and nature which makes it unique tourism destination in Africa. Get a chance to experience not only the nature but also the daily life, habits, cultural traditions & local community efforts will opens the beauty of Rwanda to the world. It’s good to explore the countries culture in depth in a very new destination you visit, see what Rwanda has when it comes to a culture tour in Rwanda.

Kigali city

Rwanda capital has always been a start point for all culture tours in the country. The cleanest safe city is surrounded by green hills which embrace the natural beauty of the land of 1000 hills. Many cultural sites are found in Kigali one of the reasons as to why many visitors to the country can’t miss to take a ride around the city. Cultural attractions in Kigali include the 1994 Gisozi Genocide Memorial site a centre of genocide memories, Kigali Museum a place of history, the artisan shopping centre feel at home with locals. By any standard Kigali is an excellent city to dine in style since it supports numerous restaurants, coffee shops and supermarkets.

The famous King’s Palace in Nyanza

This was a residential home of King Mutara III Rudahigwa found in Nyanza 87kms from Kigali the city centre. Get fast hand details of the Rwandan traditional seat of their monarchy plus its remarkable museum. Stories confirms that the palace was rebuilt in the old version state of 19th century as assign of keeping cultural norms for the future generation.Traditional Cows known as Inyambo are also found out side the palace as assign of royalty. Visit the burial grounds of King Mutara III and his wife Queen Rosalie Gicanda at Mwima hill if time permits. The art museum at Rwesero is another place to unveil more within the Rwanda culture without forgetting the National Museum of Rwanda, which provide you with a deeper insight into Rwandan history and culture.

Iby’Iwacu Cultural Village

A village of unity in Rwanda full of different cultural activities like,interactive experience, learn all about Rwandan traditions, culture, song and dance, participate in local dances and drumming, wear traditional local “Umushanana” dress; shooting arrows,attend a traditional healer’s medicine show, sample local foods and banana beer , visit a local household or school. Among others.All this is done just at the footsteps of Volcanoes national park famous for mountain Gorillas. However if the culture experience is joined to other adventures like Chimpanzee tracking, birding watching, Gorilla tracking your visit will make a difference not only to you but to the entire community of Rwanda.

Souvenirs: Buying Crafts in Rwanda

Rwanda Arts

Are you in search for Rwanda crafts (Art)? Or wanting to learn about Rwanda culture?

There is only one centre for Rwanda crafts and culture in the land of a thousand hills; Rwanda.

This is non other than CAPLAKI CAPLAKI is acronym for COOPERATIVE DES ARTISTES PLASTICIEN DES KIGALI since 1995, the cooperative aims at promoting Rwandan culture that the Genocide almost extorted. Henceforth, CAPLAKI aims at recollecting Rwandan history, traditions, and experiences from darkness. Therefore if you are a visitor looking for souvenirs after your Rwanda safari, CAPLAKI is the answer to your problem.

The richness of Rwandan culture is apparent in the wide range of fine crafts such as pottery, basketry, painting, jewelry, woodcarving, and metalwork. Traditional crafts such as basketry, ceramics, and ironworks also provide another distinctive element of continuity with the past.
As part of its promotional packages, the cooperative develops art skills among Rwandan youth especially dropouts to becoming the best artists. While the youth strive to become best artists making different types of art pieces and postal cards, the cooperative in turn seeks for ready market; both national and international market.
This will improve the youth’s and CAPLAKI‘s economic welfare.

In it marketing efforts, the cooperative is to construct a permanent structure in NYABUGOGO for its art crafts and works . It also plans to establish branches in RWANDA and in the outside WORLD . The Cooperative also seeks make Rwandan culture known globally not for its pitiable background, but as a culture, that accommodates all human nature.
In the region and the world afar, Rwandan culture is compared to non ,for it has unique features such as the dances that are given pride in the country’s cultural repertoire , the hug the smile…………

Apart from being known for their epic songs and dynastic poetry, build Rwandans cherish oral traditions of proverbs, songs and chants.
Be part of Rwanda’s history in making and erecting future opulence; Build Rwanda, Live Rwandan and buy Rwandan, Share the Rwandan experience
Together we can make a Better future,

Cooperative started with 11 members but now has 58 members. Five (5) of its members make up committee Board.

Board of Directors
President and Founder
Mr. Munyaneza Innocent

Mob:+250 08568596

Vice President
Mr. Muhizi Gerald
Mob:+250 08568596

Office +250 504227

Karangwa Epimaque

Mob:+250 03021742

Go Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda’s Volcanoes

Rwanda Volcanoes

Whenever Rwanda is mentioned, many peoples mind rush to the endangered mountain gorilla, its true this small country with the most densely population in the world, is gifted to be among the few countries in the world to house the rare mountain gorillas. not only housing but regarded as the best destination for gorilla tracking. There is no word that can describe mountain gorilla tracking in the world but those who have got a chance to meet these apes in the wild say, ‘’there is no magical experience in the world than an encounter with the rare mountain gorillas’’. Many people in world come to Rwanda specifically to see these endangered apes in the wild for at least 1-2 days while studying their behaviors as well as taking photography for a period of an hour with the animals.

Their only 900 of the remaining mountain gorillas that are left in the wild and a big number live in Uganda, Rwanda and the rest live in Democratic Republic of Congo. Many travelers prefer tracking in Rwanda since the gorillas in the Volcanoes National Park are easy to track as compared to gorillas of Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo, within one hour you can meet one of the gorilla groups and by 1.00pm you are at the lodge for lunch and due the park’s proximity, one can easily track and come back to Kigali or depart within one day. This means that its just 2-3 hours’ drive from Kigali Rwanda’s capital and largest city to volcanoes national park in Ruhengeri Musanze district,

If one is interested in a one day gorilla safari , one has to drive very fist from Kigali(accommodation) to kinigi park headquarters for a briefing from the park wardens before 7:00am about the dos and don’ts while with gorilla and then after follow the ranger guide to the forest to begin the activity. After tracking you drive back to Kigali or at the airport to meet your departure flight back home. This is very difficult in Uganda and DRC due to a long distance involved reaching the park(Bwindi and Mgahinga in Uganda or Virunga national park in DRC).

Rwanda has 12 habituated gorilla families (Habituated means they are used to short visits by humans.) 10 gorilla families are ready for tracking and the two are used for research purpose. In each gorilla family 8 members are only allowed to track meaning that 80 people track gorillas every day. These apes are fabulous fan to watch in their natural habitat meeting eye to eye with the silverback gorilla is a memorable moment in life very difficult to forget. Rwanda gorilla tracking is regarded as the most expensive done activity, but it’s regarded as the most done Rwanda’s tourist activity over 80% of travelers to Rwanda go gorilla tracking this has generated a lot of revenue to the government of Rwanda and hence improves the wellbeing of the people especially those that live near the park. Rwanda gorilla permits costs 750 USD per person per tracking and this fee includes park entry fee and a ranger guide and permits are sold at the Rwanda tourism board Offices (ORTPN) found in Kigali (close to the PNV). For any gorilla tours and permits contact us we shall get back to you swiftly.

How to Get Discounted Rental Cars in Rwanda

Car Rentals in Rwanda

The Car hire service provision may not seem to be a popular means of transport in Rwanda but in recent days , it has been developing not only for frequent travelers or people who have their own vehicle in the garage in most areas in Rwanda and Kigali, but especially for people on holiday to the land of a thousands .

At the airports in Rwanda that include Kigali International airport, GYI airport and Kamambe airport,  you will find a desk of multinational companies,  National or international in the terminal building. But at popular tourist destinations like Nyungwe forest national park, lake Kivu, amazing Nyamata church in Kigali , Ntarama church, Akagera national park. You will also find a choice of local car hire companies with a similar philosophy as the low-cost airlines offering cheap all inclusive car rental prices both in Kigali and in Nyagatale.

Aside from the type of car you would like to rent , An important consideration tom make is the optional insurance coverage, also called CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) that is mostly provided by the majority of car hire companies. This service, which is relatively inexpensive, will cover any damages to the vehicle hired.

Unlike the multinationals most local car hire companies in Rwanda offer a fully inclusive insurance without excess, which means that you do not have financial liability in case of an accident or damage to the rental vehicle. Generally, if insurance is not purchased, the customer may be held financially responsible for any damages that occur with the car during the rental period stated on the rental agreement.

If the insurance does include an excess consider that, while on the road, anything can happen. Insurance coverage is often the only link between a holiday with complete peace of mind or considerable additional expenses in case of damages to the car or an accident.

Normally there is a fee to be paid if a certain amount of kilometres has been exceeded Although rental agreements generally include unlimited mileage, there are still agencies offering rental cars with mileage limits.. But, as said before, in Spain unlimited mileage is usually included in the rental price.

Most of Car rental companies in Rwanda will usually deliver a vehicle that is filled with fuel, although this may vary depending on the location as local car hire stations do sometimes not have a facility close by to fill up the vehicles returned by previous customers. When vehicles are returned to the car hire agency, some expect that you take care of refilling the fuel tank yourself, whilst others may request you to return the car with an empty tank when you sign the rental agreement

Please note that if a client is not able to provide a valid credit card on the driver’s name at the pickup of the vehicle, some car rental companies will refuse to deliver the car to your preferred place in time or never .In order to rent a car in Rwanda especially in Kigali, most companies require the customer to provide a valid credit card in order to confirm the booking. In some cases, the credit card is not actually charged until the rental period expires on the date specified in the rental agreement.

Hire a Rental Car in Rwanda: Enjoy Comfort & Convenience

Rwanda Car Rental Deals

As of today many travelers are shifting towards hiring rental cars in Rwanda for transportation. This is nice to the extent that everybody makes the best traveling means. Wherever you travel either long or short, car rental agencies  are there to offer people the comfort and convenience. Hiring a rental car in Rwanda has become popular as so people love to travel around Rwanda via a rental car or preferably self drive.

Rental cars Rwanda come with incentives and cleanliness as there are food and drink handle, baby seats, air conditioners and mp3 players which enhance traveling especially long distance traveling. In addition to that there are always clean and this makes you travel in a dust free atmosphere.

Rental cars offer a variety of options of cars to travel by. Car rental companies have a fleet of cars that is in luxury mid range and budget cars. So it is upon the traveler to ride in a vehicle of his/her choice. Some of the cars offered by the rental companies are Toyota land cruisers, safari vans, Toyota super customers, Toyota RAV4, Nissan patrol, 4×4 safari land cruiser and Toyota Premio for city tours.

Pick and drop off convenience. The rental cars pick you up or drop you off at your convenient point. These rental cars offer door to door services; there is no need of traveling to the station to queue up in order to embark on the transport carrier. Rental cars can pick you up from either the airport, hotel or home or nay point you might be.

Rental cars do not have fixed timetable of traveling, they can be used at anytime of the day whether day or time and also anytime you feel like traveling they are there to traverse you around Rwanda. They operate 24/7 and they can reach anywhere in Rwanda as long as it is accessible a vehicle.

Car rentals can accommodate all groups of people. For instance a for a family traveling together a rental car is the best traveling optional as it gives privacy and independence the family it may need while traveling. Car rentals normally have facilities that can cater for a family like child seats that can make children comfortable in the course of traveling.

Car rental have experienced chauffeur who drive passenger safe on the road. These drivers know all the routes that can lead to various tourism destinations in Rwanda. the chauffeurs also have good driving skills as they drive defensively in the sense of avoid accidents on the roads. this implies that one is assured of safety while traveling in Rwanda.

Enough room for travelers and the luggage. Car rentals have spacious seats where the traveler have a enough room to stretch their bodies and also relax during long distance travel. In addition the trunks are also big enough as the traveler does not have to compete for space with his/her own luggage and the luggage is always kept safely in the trunk or cargo cabin.

For cases of self drive tours in Rwanda, car rentals provide the traveler with GPS navigator or tourist maps that can always help him/her to identify different routes that lead to different tourism destinations in Rwanda. With those tools, the traveler can reach his final destination without losing his/her bearing.

Hire a rental car and get all the convenience and the comfort, you need on your Rwanda tour.