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Benefits of Renting a Car in Rwanda


Rwanda is a large safari destination blessed with an abundance of tourist attractions situated in all corners of the country, some within the city and other in remote areas inter connected by various tarmac and murram roads and this is where you definitely need to rent a car plus driver or go on a self-drive trip.

Opting for public transport may seem a much cheaper option but in the long run is more expensive than hiring a car , from the time uncertainties to the discomfort you get when ride with other unknown passengers, we recommend you go online or visit Rwanda car rental and reserve yourself a car for your holiday.

Below are the benefits of renting a car

Easy to travel with and well streamlined

If you are looking for convenience and organisation in the transport means, car hire Rwanda is the right choice. The vehicle picks you right from your home or airport to drive you to your preferred destination. You also do not have to sit with your luggage on the same seat as there is a trunk where the luggage is placed. They are also spacious and hence giving you a comfortable ride.

Stress free

Once you make a booking of the car hire services your job is done, the rest will be handled by the driver. The chauffeur will be the one to carry your luggage into the car and also to lead you to the destination you are might to go. It is a hassle free means of transport. For you as a traveller, you just have to sit at the back seat of the car and let it roll till you reach your destination.


The drivers hired with car hire services Rwanda are very well qualified and skilled. They always drive their clients in the safest manner possible. They adhere to the traffic rules and regulations and also drive at the recommendable speed. Also your luggage is always safe and secure when traveling with car hire Rwanda. The luggage is kept in the boot and also you are always alone in the car with your driver.

Fast Travel

Car hire services are very quick, they waste no time on the road. They always lead the passengers direct to their designated points without stopovers. They also use the shortest routes possible to reach your preferred destination as the drivers are well experience and know how to beat the traffic congestion in Rwanda.


The car hire services are only and only used by a certain client at that specified time booked. There is nothing like sharing a ride with a stranger. It gives the passenger that luxury of privacy and independence while traveling around Rwanda. Who on earth does not love privacy and independence while traveling? It gives you that peace of mind and hence having a wonderful travel experience.

Extra incentives

There are always extra complementary services given to the clients of Rwanda car hire services. The vehicle rental services in Rwanda normally offer GPS, extra baby seats and camping gears to their customers. These extra facilities given to travellers help them to have a very interesting and enjoyable experience since they enhance traveling in some way or the other.

Point-to-point Services

The car hire services in Rwanda always make an effort to bring the transport services right at your door step or any designated point of preference. This makes the traveller’s trip experience easy.


When you going to have a long distance travel it means you will need some days out and hiring a car for many days is somehow cheaper where by some car rental agencies offer discounts on clients taking the car for many days and is charged a fixed price for the whole trip the thing which make it cheaper than a public transport where by further you travel the more expenses you incur. And there are some destinations in the country which cannot be accessed by public transport thus a need to use other means of transport like cyclists or taxicab to reach there. When you add up the whole amount you will find that public transport is a bit expensive for a long distance traveler than hiring a private car.

Car Options

You don’t have to be limited to one car during your road trip, a majority of companies offer a wide range of rental cars to choose from. Whether you want a small sedan or a mid-sized van that fits a small group/ family , you can get whatever you ask for just as long as you remember to book early most especially during the high season months. You can book online or visit the offices in person.


Public transportation limits you to being driven by the owner or company employee which isn’t the case when you rent a car in Rwanda, you have a choice of getting behind the steering wheel which popularly known as self-drive. This option offers you all the privacy, freedom and flexibility to visit whichever destination you want, make stop-overs whenever you want ensuring you travel at your own pace and time.

Chauffeur / Driver

If you’re not well versed with the roads and traffic regulations in Rwanda, then you could always benefit more if you hire a chauffeur in Rwanda to guide and help you along the journey. You won’t be guaranteed a professional driver when you use public transportation which isn’t the case here, you can choose a driver or let the company reservations team get you the best one ensuring you travel in safe hands.

Avoid Transmitted diseases

Hiring a car in Rwanda would save you from contracting Covid-19 in this travelling period. One of the high covid-19 transmitting places is public means and stations because of the unavoidable contact made among people. It is even getting worse during this travelling season due to the high influx of people. Therefore, one of the ways to save you from catching covid-19 while travelling is by hiring a car.


Rwanda has lots of transport means to use while traveling around. The ball is always left on the traveller’s court to choose the best means to use. Nonetheless, many travellers end up choosing car hire services. The car hire services are very rewarding and convenient to travellers especially those traveling for a distinguished purpose and foreigner travellers.

List of Driver Traits on Road Trip Rwanda

Driving in Rwanda

Traveling is not as easy as it seems as drivers find very many challenges while driving  and are both internal and external problem. If you are not strong enough, you get depressed thus a likelihood of causing an accident. When we talk about being strong, we do not necessarily mean that you have to be only physically able bodied but all mental strong as there are nagging other road users, hectic traffic jam and also the bad roads. So if you are driving you have to be able to expect the worst as you turn negatives into positives and also the capability of maneuvering all challenges and reach your destination in a safe manner.

These driver trait on the road below can make your reach your mission of a having a successful travel on a car rental in Rwanda

 Take in Criticism positive

In everything you consider doing, there is a long queue of critics along. You can never stop people from telling you that you cannot do that and you have to get used to any bad thing pointed at. But all you have to do take as an advice and the same thing that will happen while driving in Rwanda  expecting on the road Other many road users telling how awful you are driving, how bad looking your vehicle is. So all you have to do keep focused driving your way till you reach your final destination.

Be Patient when driving

They say patience pays and it really rewards even on the road as you never going to find any problem on the roads of Rwanda if you take it easy and slow. Do not speed up the car even if you go at a moderate speed you can reach your destination.. Think of your life because over speeding causes accidents and it is a crime in Rwanda. When caught over speeding, you are fined which can turn your self drive car hire Rwanda more costly.

Be humble on the road

While on the road driving in Rwanda, you will find very abusive drivers when you happen to make a mistake on while driving. You should not retaliate because if you do so then you will be causing chaos. Just say sorry or smile and keep driving.

Do not expect too much

Keep your expectations low and let the encounters bring out the excitement in you. Too much excitement when traveling around the world can lead to disappointment as sometimes you do not encounter what you expect. So keep your anxiety low and enjoy each moment you experience on the road as you travel to preferred destination especially on a self drive car hire in Rwanda.

Trust yourself when driving in Rwanda

Most important, Disbelieve in yourself is of the greatest enemies on an adventure expedition as it leads to fear, insecurity and thus lacking the guts to make right decisions on the way. Be confident and trust what you do as you drive in Rwanda. This will lead you to making lesser mistakes on the road. Even if you are a foreigner in Rwanda, driving rules do not change a lot amongst different countries. So just get the confidence and enjoy your road trip Rwanda.

The above traits while on roads of Rwanda can make you have a very magnificent road trip in Rwanda.

Plan a Gorilla Safari in Rwanda

Rwanda Gorilla Trek

Truly Rwanda is the best gorilla tracking destination worldwide though its Gorilla permits are expensive compared to other countries which host the same voyage. You permitted one hour of photography with the apes an amazing moment which make other travelers to rebook space for the second trek. Being with the most expensive Gorilla permit $750 per person doesn’t mean having the most expensive gorilla safaris in the region.

Rwanda offers affordable low price gorilla safaris to Volcanoes national park every day according to the guests taste and preference. The relaxed joy of adventure comes when you visit a right place and do the right tour activities at a down to earth cost just in line with your planning budget. There are many ways to make your Gorilla tracking tour cheap and affordable in Rwanda no matter how long you stay around the country but all in all going home with excellent memories to cherish.

Travelers differ greatly in taste and preference like as others wish to spend more by dining in high class restaurants and sleep like royals others are just the opposite aright reason for Rwanda being one of the most affordable gorilla tracking tour destination in Africa. Adapting to the new environment and taking things like any other makes you spend less than behaving like a royalty. Look around for group gorilla tours scheduled for the dates of your interest so that you can share transport and accommodation costs with others. Talk to your planner and make sure all the park activities are included in the group program some made optional for those members who don’t feel like taking part in the others. Golden monkey & gorilla tracking, a visit to Dian Fossey, forest nature walk to the twin lakes, hiking the Rwanda Mountains of Karisimbi and Bisoke are the main done activities by tourists to Volcanoes national park. Above all it’s always good to be an easy traveler and you enjoy a very minute of your stay at a pocket friendly cost.

If you that person who like sole trips and doing things at your pause then why not do the one or two days Gorilla tracking safari to volcanoes national park and cut the costs for the third day. The awesome memories will be at hand like the person who did a three days gorilla safari tour to volcanoes national park. Save the dollars on transport and second night accommodation for other adventures, chimpanzee trekking at Nyungwe forest or a leisure beach tour at Lake Kivu.

Normally tourists leave Kigali the day for the gorilla trek very early in the morning and return in the afternoon excited after meeting the sliver back mountain Gorillas in the bamboo forest. If you decide to do the one day gorilla trek, accommodation at the park won’t bother you since you will have to choose from the many affordable hotel options in Kigali city.

Ensure your Gorilla permit and transport is set for the day plus your valid passport. Physical fitness doesn’t matter a lot since unfit people have a chance to track easier Gorilla families.

Potters are available for hire that is if you feel carrying your bag on the back will give you hard time during the trek. Indeed this trek ranks Rwanda best in all Gorilla tracking countries. Travelers save time and money in every aspect of the trek. The country being well located, some travelers chose to track Gorillas and chimps in multiple destinations a ultimate adventure which isn’t easy to take on cutting across all the three gorilla home lands, Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic republic of Congo.

Gorilla Trekking in the Virungas of Rwanda


Remarkable Rwanda famous for the silverback mountain gorillas that have captured the world’s imagination since Dian Fossey came to study the mountain gorilla families in the 1970s. Most popular park of Rwanda is Volcanoes NP, where you can track the gorillas, the golden monkeys or do different hikes in this dramatic, volcanic landscape. You can go for safari in Akagera NP on the border with Tanzania.

But that’s not all this beautiful country has to offer. Rwanda is a largely undiscovered Eden, she promises unrivalled biodiversity, dramatic mountains and volcanoes, some of the oldest and most precious rainforests on earth, a glittering skein of lakes, rivers and waterfalls and three stunning national parks. As to wildlife, Rwanda boats of 13 species of primates (25% of Africa’s total), and a remarkable 670 species of birds, many of which are globally endangered.

At Primate Safari Experiences Limited, we can guide you through the best safari destinations in Rwanda on our Rwanda safaris. Our tours in Rwanda are packaged in a form of gorilla trekking safaris, mountain gorilla safari packages, tracking primates, and game safaris to Akagera National Park. We book gorilla trek safari permits for tourists wishing to take safaris in Rwanda. 

Volcanoes National Park

Mountain Gorilla Trekking Experience

Mountain gorilla can only be found in Rwanda, Uganda, and Congo. The act of tourists visiting mountain gorillas is what is called gorilla trekking. In Rwanda, gorilla trekking can only be done in Volcanoes National Park. The park is located at least 2 hours of driving from Kigali, Rwanda’s capital city, where the main international airport is also located.

Volcanoes National Park has 11 mountain gorilla groups for gorilla trekking and tourists can visit only one gorilla group each day.

Mountain gorillas are wild animals and, as such, sightings cannot be guaranteed. However, for the last 14 years, no one has trekked the gorillas and failed to see them in Rwanda. Certainly, you won’t be the one with bad luck! On the trek, once you find the gorillas, you will be allowed an hour with the gorillas and you can only go not more than 6 meters from them.  As the gorilla tracking can sometimes take a full day, you will need to go with your packed lunch and lots of drinking water when trekking to the gorillas.

Gorilla trekking timings and conditions vary tremendously as the gorillas move continuously through the rain forest. It is good to be prepared and remember the weather can change with very little warning. The terrain is often steep and through areas where there are no marked paths.


Secure Gorilla Trekking permits early

Gorilla Trekking is the most popular foreign tourist activity for Rwanda. This means the competition is quite high for the few gorilla permits in Rwanda and it becomes hard to secure gorilla trekking permits a few days to your Rwanda gorilla tour (although it is often possible with luck more so in the green season months of October, November, April and May).  It is best to have your gorilla trek permit fully confirmed at least 4 months in advance. Permit is for 1500 USD

Assess your fitness levels

There is a likelihood you could walk for 3-6 hours on a gorilla trek. Gorillas are located deep in Bwindi forest with thick undergrowth over several steep volcanic slopes. Gorilla groups keep roaming this forest looking for their favorite food. They are never stationed in the same place over days. Your gorilla trek will follow this same trend and it is quite unpredictable knowing how long or tough your gorilla trekking shall be. The longer trek is not necessarily a problem, just something to be prepared for.  A bit of moderate physical fitness is needed for gorilla trekking in Rwanda.

Guides & Porters for the gorilla trek

You will be guided through the forest on your gorilla tracking guide whom you will meet at the departure point in the morning of your trek. Your guide can help you book a porter (or two!) so that you can track without having to carry the few essential items listed below in a day pack which you should bring with you. The porters are from the local community and very used to the local conditions and can assist in pushing, pulling and supporting you during your trek to the gorillas. They are usually an additional fee, over and above your safari cost, and you should budget on approximately USD15-20 per porter per day as a fee with additional tipping being optional.

As the porters do not have tracking permits they will be stopped a short distance from the point you will be viewing the mountain Gorillas. Please remember to take whatever you may need from your bag to view the gorillas and rather leave valuables at the lodge/camp.

You will be allowed up to one hour for viewing of the gorillas from when they are sighted by your group. This is to ensure that the wild animals are not overexposed to human presence. Whilst in their presence you will also be required to keep minimum distances from them – generally between 5-7 metres and your guides will ensure this is enforced.

What to pack on gorilla trekking in Rwanda

  • Plenty of water – 1-2 litres per person
  • High energy snacks in addition to your packed lunch provided by the lodge/camp
  • Spare film and batteries for videos and cameras
  • Gloves (gardening type are good)
  • Waterproof bag to protect photographic equipment
  • A hat, sunscreen, mosquito repellent and band-aids might be useful
  • A lightweight waterproof jacket/poncho
  • Walking sticks are made available at the start of the trek for some of the steeper and more slippery tracks and may prove to be very handy.

Rwanda Gorilla Trekking Age Limits

The age limit for gorilla trekking is 15 years and the authorities are very strict on this.

Akagera National Park

Akagera National Park is located in the eastern part of Rwanda, along its border with Tanzania. The national park sits on 433 square miles of land and was founded in 1934. Most of the park features savannah, montane and swamp vegetation.

The national park derives its name from River Kagera which flows through the national park and on-wards into Uganda. Most Akagera national park is dominated by swamps, marshland, savannah grasslands, woodland, forests, lakes and rivers. The national park has a total of 10 lakes that are located in different areas within the park, with the most popular ones being; Lakes Ihema, Shakani, and Rwanyakazinga among others.

The southern gate of the national park is situated in Kayonza district while the northern gate, which is an exit only, is located in the district of Nyagatare. The park previously covered 2,500 square kilometers of land but most of it was destroyed following the return of refugees who had fled the 1994 Genocide in Rwanda.

Although a lot was lost in Akagera national park, the park has managed to revive from its tragic past following the formation of Akagera Management Company which manages the national park. The company was formed after a joined agreement was made between Rwanda Development Board and African Parks, a non-government conservation agency that oversees the management of other national parks in Africa.

Visitors on a wildlife safari in Akagera national park can take part in a number of activities that are offered by the park, which include; a guided day or night game drive, a boat cruise on Lake Ihema, sport fishing on Lake Shakani, birding, behind the scenes Akagera tour, walk the line tour, camping, and a community visit to mention but a few.

There is so much for tourists to see during their visit to the national park and these include sighting stunning wildlife like; lions, elephants, hippos, baboons, buffalos, zebras, impala, hyenas, giraffes, antelopes, leopards, and Sitatunga among others. The national park also has more than 480 bird species, some of which include; the African Open-bill stock, the rare shoebill stork, papyrus Gonolek, Grey Crowned Crane and so many more.

In addition to this, visitors who wish to spend a night or more in Akagera National Park can stay in the following accommodation facilities located within the national park, and these include; Akagera Game Lodge, Magashi Safari Camp, Ruzizi Tented Camp, and Karenge Bush Camp to mention but a few. There are also designated camping sites that are located within the national park for visitors interested in camping, and these include; Shakani Akagera Campsite, Mutumba Campsite, and Muyumbu campsite.

Conclusion, Travellers on safaris in Rwanda can combine a wildlife safari in Akagera National park with a gorilla trekking safari in Volcanoes National park because it brings out the greatest adventure.

5 Most Popular Safaris in Rwanda

Rwanda Safari Adventure

Rwanda is also known as Republic of Rwanda. It is located a few south of the Equator. It is bordered by countries such as Uganda, Tanzania, Congo and Burundi. The capital of Rwanda is Kigali. A Rwanda safari is very famous among the tourists who visit Rwanda. This is the best way to experience scenic beauty of Rwanda. If you’re thinking about going on a Rwanda safari, then you will find there are many options available for you to choose from.

One of the most popular tours is one where you watch gorillas out in the wild in their own natural habitat. Rwanda safari is the most captivating safari one can experience in their life time in the great country of Africa. It is the precious homeland of one of the most endangered species in the world, the mountain gorillas. Rwanda is also called as the Land of a thousand hills!

A gorilla safari which enables you to sit with a wonderful gorilla for sometime can become the best highlight for any trip to Africa. Given the opportunity to trek the endangered Mountain Gorilla, and there is no doubt to have a direct encounter with these great apes. In order to participate in a gorilla trek, viewing permits must be obtained in advance, and they are extremely limited in number, so advance booking is essential to ensure permits can be obtained. The mountain gorilla is perhaps the World’s most endangered ape, with approximately 700 animals, and they are only found in small portions of protected afro-montane forests in north-west Rwanda, south-west Uganda and the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

Gorilla trekking is tightly controlled and regulated for the safety of the visitor and importantly for the safety of the Mountain Gorillas. A maximum of 8 visitors may visit a group of habituated Gorillas on any given day; this minimizes behavioral disturbance and the risk of their exposure to human-borne diseases. When you go on this type of tour you will get the chance to see different groups of gorillas that are extremely rare. The skilled guide will teach you all about the different kinds of gorillas and what is unique about the jungle they are in. Whether you are on a three day, five day, or two week safari, you will not be staying close to the gorillas. The animals are always moving so they must be tracked.

Once found a tourist can only get as close as twenty feet and can only take photos without flash.There are safaris available for all types of different budgets, so everyone can find one they can afford to go on! One can also visit many cultural centres, genocide memorial and the beautiful twin lakes of Ruhundo, Bulero and the great Nyungwe Forest National Park. You can view the grand herds of buffaloes and elephants in the wonderful Akagera National Park.

See Lowland Gorillas & Chimpanzees on Single Safari!


Low land Gorillas in Congo and Nyungwe Chimpanzee present an opportunity to explore the two of the Big Apes. Take time off your schedule to get lost on a Rwanda safari that combines the breathtaking Nyungwe forest and the Kahuzi Biega that has great sights and sounds of a rain forest. Nyungwe harbors more primates and attractions that you can choose to visit if you spare more time.

Kahuzi Biega is one of the existing national parks with lowland Gorillas and is situated in the southern side of Democratic Republic of Congo.

Kahuzi Biega National Park

Kahuzi Biega National Park is the only place in the whole world where you can track the critically endangered eastern lowland gorillas; the park is home to about 300 lowland Grauer’s Gorillas.

Gorillas in Kahuzi Biega National Park

The biggest attraction to visitors to the Park is also the world’s biggest primate the eastern lowland gorilla. There are three habituated lowland gorilla families available for trekking every day namely the Bonne Annee family with 8 members, Pungwe family with 23 members, and Chimanuka family with 19 members.

Most tourists who go to Kahuzi-Biega National Park do so to spot Grauer’s gorillas. Eastern lowland gorillas are larger than the mountain gorillas. The specie is making one of its last stands here and faces the possibility of extinction. The census of 2013 discovered 145 individuals in the highland sector of the park, a great decline from the 600 first counted in 1990.

Grauer’s gorillas face threats from poaching (young gorillas for trade), illegal cutting down of trees, encroachment on land for farming and mining coltan. Three Grauer’s lowland gorilla groups are fully habituated and open to tourists in the highlands. Kahuzi-Biega National Park Congo Tracking the gorillas involves hiking though the dense tropical rain forests, swamps and even highlands depending on the last location of the gorilla group.

While tracking the gorillas, it is important to listen to the instructions of the rangers at all times. Tracking can take anywhere between thirty minutes to 6 hours. You are only allowed one hour with the gorillas. Use this time to observe the family keenly. You should be able to spot juveniles playing, females nursing the young ones and the dominant silverback looking out for any danger to the family.

You should also be able to identify the different individuals, personalities and group dynamics. By the end of the activity you will realize just how similar human beings are with gorillas and the more reason why we should protect them at all costs. Permits for gorilla tracking cost $400. 

How to get there and away

Travelers to Kahuzi Biega National Park can access the national park by road or air transport, visitors can opt to fly from Kigali International Airport to Goma International Airport then transfer by road to the Park for about 6 hours, alternatively visitors to the park can embark on 6-7 hours drive from Kigali International Airport to Kahuzi Biega National Park via Rusizi border.

Where to stay

There are many accommodation facilities to choose from for visitors who want to trek lowland gorillas in their natural habitat namely Hotel Begonias, Orchids Safari Club, Guesthouse Formulac, Guesthouse de Lwiro, and Mount Kahuzi Hotel among others. For more info about Gorilla Trekking trips in the Democratic Republic of Congo, kindly contact Gorilla Tracking Africa so we tailor your remarkable trip to Africa.

Nyungwe National Park

Nyungwe forest national park is one of the top destinations in Rwanda is that receives a number of visitors and second popular national park after volcanoes national park. It is one of the largest and oldest national parks in Africa which is situated in south western region of Rwanda.

Nyungwe forest national park is the best popular and famous for the chimpanzee trekking experience in Rwanda although it is a home to a number of wildlife animal species and birds.

Chimpanzee Trekking in Nyungwe National Park

Chimp trekking safaris in Rwanda are the second most sold primate activity in Gorilla trekking. Chimp trekking in Rwanda is quite the unique activity and it gives visitors memorable life time experiences of stay in the country. Chimpanzees possess close to 99% of the human DNA making them our closest living relatives and thus Chimpanzee tracking in Nyungwe can be considered a journey to self-discovery and worthwhile.

Chimpanzee trekking experience, there are over 500 chimpanzee populations in Nyungwe forest national park 90 habituated chimpanzee communities that are open for tourism throughout the year. The habituated chimpanzee communities are found in the different locations within the park such as Nyungwe forest that has about 60 habituated chimpanzee community and Cyamudongo forest that harbors about 30 habituated chimpanzee communities.

Chimpanzee trekking in Nyungwe forest national park is an early morning activity that starts at 5:00 am with a briefing at the park centers. Nyungwe forest national park has about three sections where the chimpanzee trekking starts from such as kitabi section, Gisakura section as well as the uwinka which known as the park headquarters. During the briefing session visitors are divided into groups of 8 people and they are assigned to different park ranger guides that will guide them as they go for chimpanzee trekking in the forest.

To a chimpanzee community in Nyungwe forest national park will take travelers about 2-6 hours due to the fact that chimpanzees in Nyungwe forest national park are found of moving from one place to another from tree to tree as they search for food of the day in the forest. Visitors who go for chimpanzee trekking in Nyungwe forest national park are allowed to spend only one hour with the chimpanzee community from the time they have met it.  In the one hour experience, travelers are allowed to take photos and with chimpanzees as they de-nest, beast-feed, as well as with the juvenile monkeys.

The habituated chimpanzees in Nyungwe forest national park are so friendly, calm, playful and they are used to the presence of human being they therefore come done from trees when they see people and they will sometimes walk towards them thus give you an opportunity to take clear photos and videos of them.

While trekking chimpanzees in Nyungwe forest travelers will have an insight to encounter with other primate animals such as red tailed monkeys, the olive baboons, silver monkeys, golden monkeys, white and black colobus monkeys, the grey checked mangabey among others. Travelers will as enjoy viewing different bird species such as the Rwenzori bats, purple breasted sun bird among others due to the fact Nyungwe forest national park is one of the birders paradise in Rwanda.

There is an age limit of for one to go chimp trekking in Rwanda and you must be 16 years and above.

How to reach the Park

It takes four hours of driving by road to reach Nyungwe forest from the capital Kigali. One can also take a domestic flight from Kigali to an airstrip close to the park office.


  • Nyungwe House
  • Gisakura Guest House
  • Nyungwe Top View Hotel

Conclusion, Nyungwe Forest and Kahuzi Biega is one of the amazing Rwanda and Congo safari packages aimed at exploring the Chimps in Rwanda and Gorillas in Congo. This trip favors Chimp and Gorilla lovers who have short time in the country.


Rooftop Rental for Outdoors in Rwanda


Although car rental is mobile, at the end of each day, you will still have to look for a place to spend a night. Whether you are an adventurer or nature lover, Rwanda Car Rental will offer the most comfortable and efficient economical way to discover yourself drive safari with Roof top tented cars.

A cheap car hire with Roof top tent will meet your budget somewhere halfway of your car rental or car hire.so if staying in any lodge/hotel or guest house for a long term car rental is not exactly your kind of thing, then a roof top tent car rental will probably be your best solution.

Camping safaris are often the best way to go when trying to experience the best of African wilderness safaris. Whenever you mention camping safaris; there are a number of things to put into consideration ranging from tents, mattresses, sleeping bags, camping light, and a lot of things that come along with the camping gear.

Roof top tent advantages


For those that have camped in a ground tent, you know just how quickly the tent will get dirty. It gets covered in dirt the second you lay it down and once you walk inside the tent a couple of times you track in the dirt too. An even worse scenario is when it rains and the ground becomes muddy.

With a Roof Top Tents you don’t have to worry about these issues since it doesn’t sit on the ground. When you enter the tent, you can place your shoes inside a waterproof shoe bag that sits just outside the entrance of your Roof top tent. Taking your shoes on and off before getting in the tent is so much easier than doing it using a ground tent.

Camping on the beach is fun in theory, but the amount of sand that gets into your tent and gear is the worst part. Sand always seems to find a way to get into the tent but it will be far less when using a Roof top tent.

Also, you won’t need to rinse off or clean the roof top tent after a muddy camping trip like you would for a ground tent. It is still a good idea to clean your Roof top tent periodically and you can learn how to properly do this here from my Step By Step Cleaning Guide.


The comfort in a Roof top tent is second to none. The biggest difference-maker for me is simply having a flat surface to sleep on. When in a ground tent, even with a nice mattress pad, the bumpy and uneven surface makes it very uncomfortable.

This is especially true if you go on an extended camping trip for a few days at a time. To have the most comfortable sleeping arrangement, owners will even add another mattress topper. For more details on other ways to make a roof top tent more Comfortable, click the link provided for some helpful tips and examples.

While on the topic of comfort, let’s talk about bedding. Being able to skip the process of blowing up an air mattress and making the bed is a huge time saver.

Most Roof top tents allow you to keep your bedding stored inside the tent when closed. This means pillows, sheets, and blankets can all be kept ready to use inside the tent without having to take them out after every use.

Besides the fact that this will save you huge amounts of time, I just like knowing the fact that I won’t forget anything as I rush out of the house for my next camping trip.

Effortless setup

This may be a debatable topic for some but I feel that Roof top tents are easier to setup. For one, I stay much cleaner since the tent never touches the ground. But also, I don’t have to use those stupid poles, tie-downs, or stakes to secure the tent. Setting up a ground tent can vary a lot, but counting the time to do that as well as make the bed probably takes 15-20 minutes all together.

Some RTTs are faster to deploy than others. For example, foldout soft shell Roof top tents require you to take off the PVC cover and undo multiple straps before use. Depending on the model, the set up should take roughly five minutes. I would argue closing the tent takes a few more minutes to tuck all of the fabric in as you close it too.

However, many hard shell Roof top tents only require a couple of clamps to be undone and then the gas struts will pop open the tent for you. This process takes only 60 seconds to do with little to no effort required.

I understand there are some pop-up ground tents that can be put up in minutes, but excluding the outliers, Roof top tents in my opinion do have the advantage here.

Packing less gear

As you head out for a camping trip and pack your vehicle with all of the necessities, you quickly realize how little space you have left for everything you need.

This is an area where the Roof top tents shine since it sits on top of your vehicle. You also don’t need to worry about the space the air mattress would normally take up as well. And as I mentioned when talking about comfort, most if not all of the bedding can be stored inside the Roof top tents when it’s closed too.

I can see this being very valuable for a large family where space is very limited in the car. It’s also nice for forgetful people, like me, who always seems to forget an item or two for my trip! Having the tent ready to go at all times gives you peace of mind and one less thing to worry about.


There is definitely a level of luxury that comes with Roof top tents. Making it a happy medium or step above a ground tent, but less luxurious than a teardrop trailer. Roof top tents are pricey, but not when comparing it to any trailer.

I could go on forever about the possible upgrades you can make to Roof top tents. There is nothing like it in the ground tent category, which is why I consider Roof top tents far more luxurious for campers.

All-season use

The best way to extend your camping season to later in the year or year-round is by having a well-equipped tent and the proper equipment. There are plenty of all-season Roof top tents which are fitted with extremely thick fabric, anti-condensation mats, insulated floors, and even more add-ons.

A natural advantage they have is being elevated in the air which will allow you to stay dry but also not sleep on the freezing cold ground.

Fun factor

This is somewhat of an intangible but in my eyes, it is an advantage. Owning a Roof top tent is just fun. really do love being 8 feet off the ground and having the best possible view as I relax in my tent.

Friends and family will immediately tell you how cool it is once they actually understand how it works. At first, people didn’t even know how it worked. After posting plenty of pictures on camping trips, people love it and have flooded me with questions.

It has been an awesome piece of equipment to own and I have found myself camping more frequently since I bought it. With all of the great advantages that come with a Roof top tent, it’s still not all sunshine and rainbows. Here are some clear disadvantages that come with owning one.

Lastly, we traveled around a large part of Rwanda with a rental car and rooftop tent. Tourists really love this way of traveling and camping.

Experience Primate Safaris in Rwanda

Chimpanzee in Nyungwe Forest

Primates are the top attractions in Rwanda, where Tourists get a chance to visit the Gorillas, Chimps and Golden Monkeys.

In this article we focus on the fascinating primates that can be found in Rwanda. You start off the Rwanda primate safari by spending a full day with our close cousins the chimpanzees in Nyungwe National Park and continue on to trek the mysterious mountain gorillas in Volcanoes National Park. Along the way we take the chance to get a taste of the animals of the savanna in Akagera National Park as well, finishing off with a trek to the Golden Monkeys in Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda.


Gorilla trekking in Volcanoes National Park

For those interested in seeing the gorillas in their natural habitat Rwanda offers one of the best locations for gorilla trekking. There’s something uniquely special about coming face-to-face with an animal that shares 99.6% of our DNA – even more so when there are just 1,000 of them left in the wild. No wonder mountain gorilla trekking in Rwanda is a dream-come-true for wildlife lovers and intrepid travellers alike.

In the Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda there are over twenty families of mountain gorilla, comprised of around 280 individual gorillas, living on the slopes of the Virunga Volcanoes. Of these twenty families, twelve families are visited with ten families being visited each day. The Parks Authority rotates the families that you trek to see, on a daily basis. For many, seeing gorillas in the wild offers a wildlife experience of a lifetime.

Habituated Gorilla Families in Rwanda; Susa Gorilla Group (Susa A Family), Karisimbi Gorilla Group (Susa-B), Sabyinyo Gorilla Group, Amahoro Gorilla Group, Umubano Gorilla Group, Agashya Gorilla Group, Kwitonda Gorilla Group, Hirwa Gorilla Group, Bwenge Family Group and Ugenda Gorilla Family.

Gorilla treks take place in the morning and depart from the Park Headquarters at around 07:30am. Prior to departure you are given a briefing by park staff, assigned a gorilla family to visit and rangers to guide you. The treks take place on the slopes of the Virunga Volcanoes and clients should be in good physical condition as some of the trek can be physically demanding. The treks normally start in the cultivated land on the base of the volcanoes and then you are guided up into the beautiful dense misty forests. The trek normally lasts between 2 and 5 hours depending on the location of the gorilla family and a maximum of eight visitors is allowed per gorilla family.

Once you reach the gorillas you are permitted to stay for one hour to view them. The minimum age for gorilla trekking in Rwanda is 15 years. A maximum of 80 gorilla permits are issued per day and during high season these sell out far in advance, it is therefore important to book gorilla permits as early as possible. Gorilla Permits currently cost US$1500 per person per trek.

Chimpanzee Trekking in Nyungwe National Park

Chimp trekking safaris in Rwanda are the second most sold primate activity in Gorilla trekking. Chimp trekking in Rwanda is quite the unique activity and it gives visitors memorable life time experiences of stay in the country. Chimpanzees possess close to 99% of the human DNA making them our closest living relatives and thus Chimpanzee tracking in Nyungwe can be considered a journey to self-discovery and worthwhile.

Chimpanzee tracking in Rwanda takes place in Nyungwe National Park. It is the largest montane forest in Africa covering and area of approximately 1600 to 2000 square kilometers. The forest is home to a great deal of other primates including the baboons and troops of monkeys of different types. It is also a great bird watching destination in Rwanda.

Chimpanzee tracking in Nyungwe takes place at Cyamudongo which has about 30 members that roam the area and offer the best viewing opportunities. There are about 500 Chimpanzees in Nyungwe forest but there are only two habituated groups and the rest roam wildly and are hard to find due to the thick and rugged terrain.

The Rwanda chimpanzee tours in Nyungwe set off from Gisakura ranger station. Tourists are expected to be at Gisakura station by 4.30am to meet the park guides for briefing and by 5am are transferring to the starting point of the trek into the park. There is only one session to track chimps in Nyungwe which is the early morning session.

The chimps nest somewhere new every night and therefore the time taken to find them may not easily be predicted. However, there are park trackers who will have gone ahead of the tourist trekking group to find the chimps before they leave their nests and communicate to the park guides the location so the guides will work out the easiest route to find the chimps that by then will have most likely already left their nests and on the move. On average it takes about 2 -3 hours of trekking to find the chimpanzees.

The chimpanzee trekking experience is different from the gorilla trekking as the chimps are very active and are running around in the tree canopies, and so there may be a bit of running after to catch up and sightings may be a bit more sporadic and rushed.

The cost of the permit for chimpanzee trekking in Rwanda is US$90 for foreign nonresidents and US$60 for foreign residents of Rwanda and East Africa (Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, and Burundi).

Important to note is that only 8 tourists are allowed to track each chimpanzee troop in the day’s session, and therefore since there are two habituated chimp groups only 16 chimp permits are available each day. This is a very limited number of permits considering how many people track the chimps. You are advice to book your chimp tour well advance so that your permit is secured.

There is an age limit of for one to go chimp trekking in Rwanda and you must be 16 years and above.

Golden Monkeys in Volcanoes National Park

Golden monkeys are known to have unique characters and are a rare species that are endangered at the moment and they are currently found in the Virunga Mountains in Rwanda. They are easily recognized due to the yellow patches that can be seen all over their bodies.

The golden monkey trek is worth going for while in Volcanoes National Park and if you’re interested in wildlife, this is a rare and delightful experience not to be missed. Besides Volcanoes national park, the other populations of golden monkeys reside in Mgahinga gorilla national park in Kisoro district, south western Uganda.

Golden monkeys trekking takes place in Volcanoes national park and at the same time 7:00 just like gorillas. These rare species are also listed as endangered – and Volcanoes national park currently has two habituated golden monkeys’ troops that are available for visiting by tourists in the park, both of which make about 80 members.

Golden monkeys in Rwanda live in the bamboo vegetation towards the base of the volcanoes and habituation has helped them to overcome their initial shyness to accept their daily visit by researchers and tourists. Trekking golden monkeys and gorillas is a similar experience – in a small group of no more than eight people, and you can spend one hour with the monkeys once you find them. The endangered species are very active creatures, and jump from tree to tree which is really interesting and a little difficult to photograph.

There are two groups of habituated Golden Monkey families in Volcanoes National Park. The largest group of around 80 to 100 is normally found near Mount Sabinyo. Golden Monkeys are more active than the larger Mountain Gorillas, therefore you must be prepared to move quickly through the forest to keep up with them when they are on the move. For this reason Golden Monkey Trekking is more similar to Chimpanzee Trekking.

The length of time that you are allowed to spend with the Golden Monkeys is one hour, however there is no limit to the number of people who can do a golden monkey trek. This doesn’t mean that the Golden Monkeys are outnumbered or put in harms was as there is only normally a handful of tourists who participate in this activity. Unlike other primate trekking experiences there is no minimum age for a visit the Golden Monkeys although the terrain is pretty tough going so bear that in mind.

Just like in mountain gorillas, Travelers to see golden monkeys are required to buy permits which allow them to access and spend an hour with these amazing creatures. Fortunately, golden monkey permits are quite cheap costing $100 per permit in both Uganda and Rwanda. Permits are bought from Rwanda Development Board (RDB) in Rwanda and Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) in Uganda. Travelers are reminded to book for permits at least 3 months before the trekking date to secure permits and ensure timely planning. The cost of a golden monkey permit involve park entry fees, ranger fee and government taxes.

Other species include blue monkeys, Mona monkeys, silver monkeys, owl-faced monkeys, the Dent’s monkey, black faced ververt monkeys, L’Hoest monkeys, baboons, grey-cheeked Mangabey, Rwenzori colobus, black and white colobus monkeys.


The months of June to early October present the long, dry season in Rwanda and as a result, are the best conditions for gorilla trekking. The primates that are endemic to the Volcanoes National Park (mountain gorillas and golden monkeys) are common and easier to see, as well as other resident animals such as elephant and buffalo. Because of such good conditions, these months in Rwanda are deemed as the peak season to travel. If you are looking to travel during these months, we highly recommend booking in advance to guarantee availability on the accommodation and gorilla permits (as only eight permits per gorilla family are issued daily).

The best time for chimpanzee trekking in Nyungwe is during the dry season from June to around October when the trek trails are passable unlike the wet season when they are all muddy. But since Nyungwe National Park is filled with rain forest trees, it receives rainfall all throughout the year and as you plan for your trekking experience, it is advisable that you carry with you a raincoat to avoid getting wet.

If you are interested in planning a Primate safari, then please contact us and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have, advise you of current availability of Primate Permits and help you plan your safari.

Experience the Best of Rwanda’s Tourism

Rwanda's Lake Kivu

There are several unique tourism activities to do in Rwanda; this country is long past its war torn days and now it’s one of safest countries visited in Africa. You will feel the real true African country with lots of unique attractions which have attracted many safari tours to Rwanda. This country is extremely small and there is one unique thing about this small country, this is gorilla trekking which is done in volcanoes National park and it has raised increased revenues for the country.
There is the Kigali city which is in the heart of Rwanda, this gorgeous city with great weather can get you taste the history here through visiting the genocide memorials and here you will learn about the turbulent past of this country. You will also have a chance to visit the different local markets which are found in the city as well as the art facts and the craft shops which are found within the city. These have also attracted many safaris to Rwanda.

Thinking about Rwanda makes you come close to the mountain gorillas and these can be spotted in volcanoes National park which is found some few kilometers from Kigali city. You will enjoy a very unique experience taking an gorilla trekking safari in Rwanda, take this advantage and experience the largest group of gorillas when you come for a safari. Gorilla trekking can also be carried out in Uganda and the Democratic Republic Congo.

Rwanda has also got three national parks and these include; Akagera National park, Nyungwe National park and Volcanoes National park, there are many animal species which can be spotted in these national parks and some of these include; the chimpanzees, bird species, elephants, lions, leopards, and the monkeys. Lake Kivu also makes a border between Rwanda and Congo and it’s a great region where the tourists are safe to visit and swim, you will also visit the safari cities like Kibuye and Gisenyi near DR Congo border.

The other attractions which are found in Rwanda include; city tours, cultures, bird species and many wild animal species. The Butare is a cultural hub for the country and was once the most important city before 1965. You will also visit the great national museum which will help you explore the great history of Rwanda.

Best Time to Go Gorilla Trekking


Wondering about the best time to go for the gorilla trekking expedition? Many travelers will ask you this question. The good answer is that you can go anytime given that most destinations are found in the tropics and the climate conditions are favorable all year round. To others, they need more specific months for the best safari experience given the different known seasons.

When is the best time to go on a gorilla safari in Uganda and Rwanda? Which months should one try to avoid, which months are the best for gorilla trekking? These are some of the common questions that this section will labor to put to rest.

While trekking mountain gorillas can be done any time of the year in either countries where (mountain gorillas are found i.e Rwanda and Uganda), because of the relatively wetter/ rainy seasons in the mountain gorilla inhabited national parks, many tourists often prefer the months from June to September and then December, January and February.

In Rwanda, the first rains start coming in late February through March, April and May and so many tourists try to avoid these months for fear of getting muddy and all wet while tracking the gorillas deep in the forest. However, during these months, because of the rains there’s plenty of gorilla food down slope and it’s much colder on the upper slopes. So the mountain gorillas keep on the lower slopes where they find it warmer and get food easily. So if you track the gorillas during these months, most likely your trek won’t be a long one – many trackers find the gorillas after 2 hours hike and by 2PM they are back.

The same applies to Uganda although the rains there come in March, April and May. Of course this makes it rather harder to trek the steep terrains. Even then, the rain only comes for like 1-2 hours in like every 2-3 days and the sun comes out. We have noticed that even in the so-called drier months, the rain will often come in though this time it is not so heavy.

This seasonality of gorilla trackers can also be attributed to the weather seasons in the visitors’ home country and the nature of their jobs. When it is summer for example in Europe, numbers of gorilla trek visitors increase and the gorilla trackers numbers decrease when it’s winter.

However, there are other gorilla trekkers who often take advantage of the seasonal discounts on mountain gorilla tracking permits. For instance in Uganda, gorilla trekking permits in those rainy months(April-May and October-November). Several accommodation and lodging facilities in mountain gorilla inhabited areas will also make discounts on their rates during these same months.

Whatsoever the case and explanation may be, experience shows that mountain gorilla trekking can be done any time of the year and you will most likely get the same experience.