Road Trip Rwanda

Whether you are planning a visit to a national park or short excursion tour around town, grab an insight to delight in an exceptional road trip in Rwanda with a driver-guide. Although self-drive tour is another way you can get around East Africa but it is associated with quite a number of challenges that may compromise on the quality of your safari experience.

Reasons you should book a car with a driver in Rwanda

Roads and Signage: Rwanda features good road networks connecting main towns to different places all over the country. However, some roads in remote areas are in poor conditions therefore it requires one to poses some level of experience on the Rwanda roads to know the best routes to use especially those routes that are not included on the travel maps. On this note we recommend you to rent a well-trained and experienced Rwandan driver guide for all your road trip adventure in Rwanda.

Liability in case of Emergency: It is of great importance to note that whenever you hire a car with a driver liability remains in the hands of the company but this is the opposite if you rent a self-drive vehicle. And in case of emergencies like accidents or any damages, you are not held responsible. Thus, it helps you save some dollars in such unplanned circumstances especially when you are driving through a local destination and you may not be able to communicate with the local people of the area.

Wildlife Viewing: When you hire a vehicle with a driver, you get a chance to delight in unforgettable memories of wildlife viewing and also utilize the pop-up roof or sun roof for clear game viewing experience in the safari parks which also gives you the chance to take clear pictures and videos of wildlife during your trip. On the other hand, on a self-drive, you tend to focus your attention on the road and you may fail to look around. But with a professional driver guide, get an opportunity to track the lions, leopard and also encounter huge numbers of wildlife diversities in the park especially when the driver is familiar with the destination you are visiting.

Time management: Here is the fact, we can never ignore; whenever you take wrong routes especially in the wilderness with no signposts and all roads having a similar view, there is a possibility that you might not be there in time as planned. We therefore argue you to rent a driver if you are to save time while on your road trip. This is a common thing to most travelers that love to hire a self-drive without experience about the destinations. A driver maybe the best option especially when you have a 1 day gorilla trekking safar starting in Kigali.  You need to be at the park headquarters on time for gorilla tracking.

Knowledge of the country: When you take a drive on your own, you are left alone to depend on your instincts in terms of routing to figure out the fascinating destinations. Fortunately, experienced drivers are always having knowledge on all routing, where to eat, sleep as well as general knowledge about the country because some of the routes the routes may not be on the travel map. You can as well ask them many questions as you can while exploring places especially about the culture of each of the regions you visit.

Mechanical knowledge: Get saved from the hustles of changing tires and oil of the car by hiring a car with a driver. This is one of the basic mechanical knowledge needed by anyone driving through the safari parks. Drivers’ guides normally have extremely advanced mechanical skills and this will save you a lot of inconveniences in case of any mechanical emergency.

Language Barrier: Language is the key to communication and not all places Rwanda use English or French. Some local communities prefer to speak the local language and in case you have a driver guide, he will help you interpret the language for you to be able to communicate effectively with the local people. Therefore, having a driver guide who speaks most of the languages is an added advantage to the success of your road trip. It also builds your confidence walking around with someone who can interact with the local people. In terms of transactions, you may not be cheated in the name of being a language barrier.

The best time to visit Rwanda is during the drier period from June to September, when you have the best chance at spotting the country’s undoubted highlight: the mountain gorilla. The rainy seasons, from March to May and in November, are the optimum times for tracking chimpanzees. It’s also quieter then.


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