Although car rental is mobile, at the end of each day, you will still have to look for a place to spend a night. Whether you are an adventurer or nature lover, Rwanda Car Rental will offer the most comfortable and efficient economical way to discover yourself drive safari with Roof top tented cars.

A cheap car hire with Roof top tent will meet your budget somewhere halfway of your car rental or car if staying in any lodge/hotel or guest house for a long term car rental is not exactly your kind of thing, then a roof top tent car rental will probably be your best solution.

Camping safaris are often the best way to go when trying to experience the best of African wilderness safaris. Whenever you mention camping safaris; there are a number of things to put into consideration ranging from tents, mattresses, sleeping bags, camping light, and a lot of things that come along with the camping gear.

Roof top tent advantages


For those that have camped in a ground tent, you know just how quickly the tent will get dirty. It gets covered in dirt the second you lay it down and once you walk inside the tent a couple of times you track in the dirt too. An even worse scenario is when it rains and the ground becomes muddy.

With a Roof Top Tents you don’t have to worry about these issues since it doesn’t sit on the ground. When you enter the tent, you can place your shoes inside a waterproof shoe bag that sits just outside the entrance of your Roof top tent. Taking your shoes on and off before getting in the tent is so much easier than doing it using a ground tent.

Camping on the beach is fun in theory, but the amount of sand that gets into your tent and gear is the worst part. Sand always seems to find a way to get into the tent but it will be far less when using a Roof top tent.

Also, you won’t need to rinse off or clean the roof top tent after a muddy camping trip like you would for a ground tent. It is still a good idea to clean your Roof top tent periodically and you can learn how to properly do this here from my Step By Step Cleaning Guide.


The comfort in a Roof top tent is second to none. The biggest difference-maker for me is simply having a flat surface to sleep on. When in a ground tent, even with a nice mattress pad, the bumpy and uneven surface makes it very uncomfortable.

This is especially true if you go on an extended camping trip for a few days at a time. To have the most comfortable sleeping arrangement, owners will even add another mattress topper. For more details on other ways to make a roof top tent more Comfortable, click the link provided for some helpful tips and examples.

While on the topic of comfort, let’s talk about bedding. Being able to skip the process of blowing up an air mattress and making the bed is a huge time saver.

Most Roof top tents allow you to keep your bedding stored inside the tent when closed. This means pillows, sheets, and blankets can all be kept ready to use inside the tent without having to take them out after every use.

Besides the fact that this will save you huge amounts of time, I just like knowing the fact that I won’t forget anything as I rush out of the house for my next camping trip.

Effortless setup

This may be a debatable topic for some but I feel that Roof top tents are easier to setup. For one, I stay much cleaner since the tent never touches the ground. But also, I don’t have to use those stupid poles, tie-downs, or stakes to secure the tent. Setting up a ground tent can vary a lot, but counting the time to do that as well as make the bed probably takes 15-20 minutes all together.

Some RTTs are faster to deploy than others. For example, foldout soft shell Roof top tents require you to take off the PVC cover and undo multiple straps before use. Depending on the model, the set up should take roughly five minutes. I would argue closing the tent takes a few more minutes to tuck all of the fabric in as you close it too.

However, many hard shell Roof top tents only require a couple of clamps to be undone and then the gas struts will pop open the tent for you. This process takes only 60 seconds to do with little to no effort required.

I understand there are some pop-up ground tents that can be put up in minutes, but excluding the outliers, Roof top tents in my opinion do have the advantage here.

Packing less gear

As you head out for a camping trip and pack your vehicle with all of the necessities, you quickly realize how little space you have left for everything you need.

This is an area where the Roof top tents shine since it sits on top of your vehicle. You also don’t need to worry about the space the air mattress would normally take up as well. And as I mentioned when talking about comfort, most if not all of the bedding can be stored inside the Roof top tents when it’s closed too.

I can see this being very valuable for a large family where space is very limited in the car. It’s also nice for forgetful people, like me, who always seems to forget an item or two for my trip! Having the tent ready to go at all times gives you peace of mind and one less thing to worry about.


There is definitely a level of luxury that comes with Roof top tents. Making it a happy medium or step above a ground tent, but less luxurious than a teardrop trailer. Roof top tents are pricey, but not when comparing it to any trailer.

I could go on forever about the possible upgrades you can make to Roof top tents. There is nothing like it in the ground tent category, which is why I consider Roof top tents far more luxurious for campers.

All-season use

The best way to extend your camping season to later in the year or year-round is by having a well-equipped tent and the proper equipment. There are plenty of all-season Roof top tents which are fitted with extremely thick fabric, anti-condensation mats, insulated floors, and even more add-ons.

A natural advantage they have is being elevated in the air which will allow you to stay dry but also not sleep on the freezing cold ground.

Fun factor

This is somewhat of an intangible but in my eyes, it is an advantage. Owning a Roof top tent is just fun. really do love being 8 feet off the ground and having the best possible view as I relax in my tent.

Friends and family will immediately tell you how cool it is once they actually understand how it works. At first, people didn’t even know how it worked. After posting plenty of pictures on camping trips, people love it and have flooded me with questions.

It has been an awesome piece of equipment to own and I have found myself camping more frequently since I bought it. With all of the great advantages that come with a Roof top tent, it’s still not all sunshine and rainbows. Here are some clear disadvantages that come with owning one.

Lastly, we traveled around a large part of Rwanda with a rental car and rooftop tent. Tourists really love this way of traveling and camping.


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