For most of us, we know that onions are used in preparation of soups and sauces and the chefs know that it is one of those flavours that can make you cry as you cut it into.

But the Onions is not so limited to kitchen, indeed it has great healing power than we all expect. Cutting the opinions and heating it and direct it to your ear will heal the infections mainly caused by bacteria in your ears.

“I used to have serious infections in my left ear and could take weeks until I use drops to cool it down but could reoccur, then I was told to heat the onion and push the fumes inside my ear and that was magic to me,” said Jiovani Higiro, a resident of Gasogi in Kigali.

It is believed that the onions produce Sulphuric acid which is the most hottest acid when it mixes with water or fluids in our eyes or ears and this therefore makes the bacteria uncomfortable as they can’t stand the heat of the acid.

The Onions on the other hand have special components that help in healing and clearing permanent scars. According to medical practitioners, the onion extract improves the scar softness, removes the redness, the black texture.

The application of onions on the scar makes the fresh skin to grow clearing the affected spot and is also know to remove the black spots that remain after the pimples dry out on the face.

Most people have also told this website that the onions provides a good syrup against cough, although most herbalists were not aware of this, people who sued it say that mixing it with honey and taken as a syrups stops coughing and throat infections.


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